These simple low carb garlic biscuits are sure to satisfy! There’s a reason I usually make a double batch: everyone who tries them goes back for seconds and thirds.

zucchini noodles with bolognese sauce on a white plate with two garlic biscuits on the side.

I’m part Italian so I never thought I could follow a low carb lifestyle. What is life without pasta and garlic bread? Since starting Trim Healthy Mama I’ve learned to enjoy my traditional Bolognese sauce over zucchini noodles. Believe it or not, I don’t miss pasta at all. Honest to goodness! Also, these low carb garlic biscuits are better than any garlic bread I’ve ever had.

These garlic biscuits are made using a variation of fat head dough. If you’ve not heard of it, you are in for a real treat. It is amazing that mozzarella cheese and a low carb flour blend can create something with a texture so similar to “real” bread!

low carb garlic biscuits stacked in three piles on a square plate sitting on a striped towel

The idea for fat head dough is based on a documentary from 2008 by the same name. The movie reveals the myth behind the low fat, low cholesterol diet and how it led to the obesity epidemic in the United States.

Developing the Garlic Biscuit Recipe

But back to my recipe. When I first began eating the THM way I discovered a food blog called All Day I Dream About Food. First of all, I love her recipes for THM-S meals! She had a recipe for Garlic Knots and I gave them a try. While the flavor was good, they were really greasy and were so time-consuming to make. And mine did NOT look like hers even after all that time!

I’m all about good food that I can make SIMPLY, so I decided to change the recipe. First, I prefer the texture of fat head dough when I add glucomannan powder or xanthan gum. I don’t count calories and fat grams, but I do keep an eye on them so I wanted to use the THM Baking Blend. I also wanted these little garlic biscuits to rise a bit more than the garlic knots. And finally, I find it difficult to mix fat head dough when I follow the instructions on the other sites I’ve found.

three stacks of low carb garlic biscuits on a square embossed plate sitting on top of a striped towel

My recipe mixes together so easily and takes virtually no time to get into the oven. These little garlic biscuits are not greasy and the dough is light and tender. And I’ve cut the fat and calories by 20% compared to the garlic knots I started out trying.

So are you ready to make some low carb garlic biscuits?

This is what you’ll need:

all ingredients needed to make the biscuits lined up on top of the counter
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  • Trim Healthy Mama Baking Blend (see the notes section of the recipe for a substitution)
  • Garlic powder
  • Mineral salt
  • Glucomannan powder or xanthan gum
  • Shredded, part skim, low moisture mozzarella cheese
  • Unsalted butter
  • Neufchatel cheese
  • Baking powder
  • Large eggs
  • Unsalted butter
  • Minced garlic
  • Mineral salt
  • Dried parsley
  • Parmesan cheese

How to make Low Carb Garlic Biscuits

This recipe makes 32 biscuits. You can either make them all at once or bake half the batch and refrigerate the remaining dough to bake another day. You store them in the refrigerator after baking too and I love them cold! They also reheat nicely. I’ve also formed the second half of dough into an oval shape and sliced it thin to make slices of bread to eat with fried eggs. You do you and decide how you want to use the dough. There’s no judgment here either way. 

Preheat your oven to 375 F. Line one or two baking sheets with parchment paper and set aside. You’ll need both sheets if you’re making the full batch into biscuits now, but one sheet is fine for half the batch.

clear glass measuring bowl with almond flour and cheeses

My Special Tip for Fat Head Dough

Put the shredded mozzarella cheese, baking blend, glucomannan powder, mineral salt and garlic powder into a medium-sized, microwave-safe bowl. This is my Pampered Chef batter bowl that I’ve had for almost 20 years! I love that bowl.

overhead shot of mixing bowl with cheese combined with almond flour

Toss the ingredients together until the dry ingredients are evenly distributed around the cheese. This is my secret for mixing my dough much more easily than any other fat head recipe I’ve tried! Most recipes have you melt the cheese and then try to mix almond flour into the melted cheese. Let me tell you: that is a pain in the neck. Just mix it in now before the cheese is melted and you get it distributed perfectly through your dough!

overhead shot of cheese blended with almond flour with butter and cream cheese blocks sitting on top

Toss in your cream cheese and butter…

overhead shot of mixing bowl with almond flour and mozzarella cheese combined and butter and cream cheese cut into small cubes

And then bury the butter in the middle of the mozzarella cheese mixture. This helps prevent it from splattering and making a mess in your microwave! I usually break up the cream cheese into smaller chunks to help it melt more quickly.

mixing bowl with ingredients inside covered with wax paper inside microwave

Melting the Cheese

Now pop the bowl into your microwave and heat it on high power for 1 minute. The wax paper is optional. I had just cleaned the microwave so I was a little more cautious to make sure it didn’t get dirty again too quickly.

Remove the bowl after the first minute and stir, bringing the outer parts into the center of the bowl. Then return the bowl to the microwave and continue heating on high power for 30-second increments. Stir after each time, until the cheese is completely melted. It usually takes me about 3 minutes of total cook time to get the cheese completely melted in my 1100 watt microwave.

overhead shot of mixing bowl after cheese has melted forming a dough

Making the Low Carb Dough

You can see that it is forming a soft ball of dough once the cheeses and butter have melted completely.

overhead shot of dough ball with eggs and baking powder added on top

Now add your eggs and your baking powder to the dough. I wait to add the baking powder during this step to make sure its leavening action happens while baking the biscuits and not while melting the cheese.

overhead shot of dough with eggs and baking powder being mixed in

Start mixing the eggs and baking powder into the dough. The baking powder gets all foamy. I use my spoon and keep scraping the stuff from the edges of the bowl and pushing it into the center section. Instead of a stirring them in, it seems to work better if you keep folding the dough over and squooshing it down.

overhead shot of mixing bowl with completed dough ball

It will create a soft dough that is a little bit sticky.

overhead shot of cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and 15 uncooked drop biscuits

Baking the Keto Garlic Biscuits

Next just use a tablespoon or a soup spoon to scoop dough onto your parchment-lined baking sheets. Trust me: you want to line your sheets with parchment paper! It makes clean-up a breeze. And don’t accidentally use wax paper instead: it is NOT the same thing…

Now pop them in the oven and let them bake for 15-18 minutes, or until the edges and bottoms are golden brown.

side angle of cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and baked drop biscuits that are golden brown

Don’t they look amazing?

Preparing the Topping for the Low Carb Garlic Biscuits

When your low carb garlic biscuits are almost done baking, whip up the topping. Now, to be honest, the topping is optional. I’ve skipped making it before and eaten the biscuits without it and they are still very tasty. But the topping elevates them to try garlic biscuits. They almost remind me of the biscuits you get at Red Lobster when you add the topping.

small clear glass mixing bowl with half a stick of butter

First, put your butter into a small microwave-safe bowl. This is my small Pampered Chef bowl that I’ve had for about 17 years. Have I mentioned that I love these bowls?

overhead shot of butter melted inside small clear glass bowl with parmesan cheese and seasonings added

Once the butter is melted, add minced garlic, salt and dried parsley to the melted butter mixture. Be sure to wait to add the grated Parmesan cheese until just before adding the topping to the biscuits so that it doesn’t melt in the hot butter.

Side shot of baked drop low carb garlic biscuits on parchment paper with parmesan topping added

And now spoon that garlicky buttery goodness over your biscuits. You may want to give one a try before you call the rest of your family to dinner. Just for quality control purposes.

stacks of low carb garlic biscuits on a square plate garnished with fresh basil

Low Carb Garlic Biscuits with Any Meal!

And that’s it! You have created a garlic biscuit to rival any garlic bread you’ve ever tried with nearly zero carbs. I have served these for the past two years to people who aren’t following a low carb lifestyle and NONE of them realized they weren’t eating bread. And almost everyone has asked for the recipe afterward.

Be sure to let me know how you love them when you make them!

Low Carb Garlic Biscuits | | These low carb garlic biscuits are so quick and easy to make with an easy change of traditional fathead dough preparation. Sure to satisfy everyone in your family, even if they don't eat low carb! #lowcarb #fathead #fatheaddough #keto #recipe #THM #THMS #THMrecipe #LCHF #Atkins

Easy Low Carb Garlic Biscuits

These low carb garlic biscuits are so quick and easy to make with a simple change to traditional fathead dough preparation.
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 15 mins
Total Time 25 mins
Servings 16 people



  • 1.25 c Trim Healthy Mama Baking Blend can substitute 1 c. almond flour and 1/4 c. coconut flour
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 1/2 tsp mineral salt
  • 1 tsp Glucomannan Powder or Xanthan Gum
  • 3 c part skim mozzarella cheese, shredded
  • 4 Tbsp unsalted butter
  • 6 Tbsp neufchatel cheese
  • 2 Tbsp aluminum-free baking powder
  • 2 large eggs


  • 6 Tbsp unsalted butter
  • 4 tsp Minced Garlic
  • 1 tsp mineral salt
  • 1 tsp dried parsley
  • 1/4 c grated Parmesan cheese


  • Preheat oven to 375 F. Line two cookie sheets with parchment paper and set aside.
  • Toss together the shredded mozzarella cheese with the flours, salt, gluccomannan, and garlic powder. Add 4 Tbsp of butter and the neufchatel cheese and cover with the shredded cheese mixture.
  • Microwave the cheese on high for one minute, then stir. Continue to heat the cheese on high for 30 seconds at a time until the cheese is completely melted.
  • Add the eggs and baking powder and mix until well combined. The dough will be soft and a little sticky.
  • Scoop dough by large, rounded Tablespoons onto the parchment paper-lined baking sheets.
  • Bake for 15-18 minutes, until the edges and top are golden brown.


  • While the biscuits are baking, melt 6 Tbsp butter. Then stir in remaining topping ingredients. Spoon over top of biscuits as soon as they are removed from the oven.
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4 Comments on Easy Low Carb Garlic Biscuits

  1. I’m with you on the fathead process, so can’t wait to try your way! Question of clarification: the first version of the recipe doesn’t show the gluccie….but the print version does, which you felt made a difference?

    Also is the reason you leave the baking powder out of the dry ingredients so that it is not heated during melting the cheese blend?

    • Hey Christine! The omission of the gluccie in the written steps was an error on my part. I’m going to fix that right now! I really do find that gluccie or an equal measure of xanthan gum helps hold the dough together. As for the baking powder, yes, I leave that out to make sure that it doesn’t somehow become activated while heating and melting the cheese. I find that it makes the dough rise a little more by waiting to mix it in with the eggs. I hope that helps and hope you love these little biscuits!

      • Love these! Way easier to mix, and the fizzy powder step was fun too. I got 12 so they were bigger and flatter….. should I make smaller but more mounded next time? They deflated some when I brushed on the herb butter.

        • Hey Christine! I’m so glad you liked them! They definitely will stay poofier and rise a little more if you keep them smaller. But I’ve made them larger before to use for little sandwiches so then it’s better for them to be a little more flat. Thanks for taking the time to comment! I would love it if you’d give them a star rating if you have a chance. 🙂

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