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Friday Favorites: Our Big Game Party Essentials!

Do you want to host a big game party to watch the Super Bowl with your friends? After 15 years of hosting one, we’ve got lots of ideas!

Wanna take a guess at how this week’s been?

We’ll give you three guesses, but the first two don’t count…

It’s been busy!

AnnMarie’s son found out that he didn’t get an apartment for his senior year, so she’s been working hard to help him find somewhere else to live.

Fingers crossed he gets into the one he applied to on Wednesday…

Why do so many colleges accept more students than can be housed on campus and in the surrounding town?

Meanwhile, across the street, Anne finally finished her closet project!

You can get a sneak peek at how it turned out on Instagram (look for the highlight bubble that says “Anne’s Closet”).

It’ll all be on the blog soon!

This weekend we’re heading to the mountains for a spur-of-the-moment trip to celebrate a friend’s milestone birthday, and we can’t wait to decompress.

AnnMarie and Anne from Simply2Moms wearing football jerseys for a big game party.

Then next weekend, Anne and her husband will be hosting their annual Super Bowl party!

We’re sharing all kinds of tips and tricks that they’ve picked up after 15 years of hosting.

Like this fun game.

Clipboard with a Game Day Predictions printable with questions to answer before the Super Bowl.

Whether you’re hosting a party to watch the Big Game, or you’re going to one, you should print out a stack of these Game Day Prediction sheets!

We created this fun printable just for you, and you can download it from our VIP Printable library.

What’s New on Simply2Moms This Week

We’ve had a great time this week sharing all kinds of inspiration for Valentine’s Day!

Have you ever sent a care package to someone special?

We’ve got some fun ideas for making a Valentine’s care package, including some adorable printables to decorate the flaps of the box.

AnnMarie and 14 of our inspiring blogging friends shared some great ideas for Valentine’s decorating.

Wait until you see her simple craft and how she displayed it!

If you want an inexpensive and meaningful way to let your Valentines know how you feel about them, you’re going to love this.

Have you ever celebrated Galentines with your best gal pals?

Anne created a delicious and refreshing raspberry cocktail recipe that would be perfect to serve if you host a get together!

Be sure to check out this brunch menu and gorgeous Galentines tablescape too.

If you want to add a little Valentine’s touch in your home, AnnMarie shared the cutest and easiest way to do so.

And now we’re switching gears and sharing some fun ideas for a Super Bowl party for our Friday Favorites.

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Our Favorites for Hosting a Super Bowl Watch Party

Anne and her husband have hosted a Super Bowl party for over 15 years!

We have some great memories of these family-friendly parties, and so do our kids.

Back when they started, AnnMarie would generally leave at halftime after dessert was served to put her younger kids to bed.

Anne’s daughters would try to go to bed too but often wouldn’t fall asleep until the game was over.

Through the years, Anne and her husband have learned a lot about how to host a fun football watching party, even if some of the guests don’t really enjoy watching football.

Table runner made from brown Kraft paper with football X and O play diagram drawn on with black marker.

AnnMarie shared some fantastic ideas for how to decorate for a football party!

Like this awesome table runner/table cloth idea using Kraft paper.

Serving Food in Style

The food is definitely one of our favorite parts of a Super Football party!

If you’re looking for some keto-friendly snacks that are perfect for the Big Game, we’ve got you covered.

Each year, Anne likes to come up with a theme for the food because she’s extra like that.

She’s served everything from sliders to chili, crabcakes to BBQ, tacos to wings, and all kinds of things in between.

It’s fun to see what each city the two teams are representing is known for, and then use that as inspiration.

Then have your guests fill in with other finger foods and desserts.

Here are a few things that make serving up food a breeze.

Triple Slow Cooker

Slow cooker server with three different pots.

People tend to eat throughout the party and the game, so you want to keep food warm.

This three pot slow cooker makes serving a variety of foods so easy.

We love that each pot has its own temperature control.

Wood Football Serving Board

Football shaped wood serving board with inlaid wood stitching details.

If you go to a party supply store or check out Amazon, you can find all kinds of disposable serving bowls and platters with a football theme.

But if you host a party to watch the big game every year, then it’s nice to have some serving pieces to use over and over again.

This wood football-shaped serving board is such a pretty way to display your food!

3-Tiered Basket Serving Stand

Ditch the giant communal bowls of chips.


At the end of the night, the uneaten chips are either going stale or they’ve likely got germs on them from all the hands reaching into the bowl.

Instead, get individual serving chip bags and serve them in a tiered stand like this one.

If you don’t like keeping chips around the house, have your guests grab a few of their favorites to take home with them.

Set of Football-themed Paper Products

Set of cocktail napkins, paper plates, and cups to use at a football party.

No one wants to deal with dirty dishes after a Super Bowl party.

So grab some fun paper products with a football theme like this set from Amazon!

These would be fun for tailgating too.

Things to Do at a Football Party

Not everyone who comes to your Super Football party will love watching the game.

Having some fun activities planned will keep everyone entertained.

We even set out some board games and card games.

Football Squares Pool Game Poster

White board for playing Football squares game at a football watching party.

Have you ever played a football pool squares game?

There are 100 squares on the game board, and guests buy a square (or ten!) and write their name or initials inside the square.

But, the numbers aren’t added to the game board until after all the squares are taken.

After each quarter, the person with initials in the box with the game’s current score wins a portion of the pool!

So if the score is 21-14, the person with the 1/4 box wins.

Anne’s husband draws up a grid on a whiteboard each year, but this Football Squares Poster would be so much easier!

Super Bowl Commercials Bingo Game

Bingo Sheet to play commercial bingo during a super bowl game.

There’s a big joke that some people come to watch the game, while others come to watch the commercials.

This set of 50 Bingo cards includes all the brands that purchased advertising during the game.

You can find all kinds of fun games for a Super Bowl party on Etsy.

Get a small prize for whoever gets a Bingo, or just play for bragging rights.!

Flick Football Game

Tabletop flick football game with goal post gameboard.

Did kids play flick football with a folded paper football when you were in school?

It was super popular when we were!

This fun flick football game takes it to the next level.

We’ve had lots of fun with this one over the years.

Portable Cornhole Game

Portable cornhole set that can be played indoors.

If you have room in your home, this portable cornhole game would be so much fun!

After all, does anything pair better with football than cornhole?

The game comes with a set of bags, but you could get in the spirit with a set of football-themed bags like these.

What have you been shopping for this week? Have you found anything amazing?

We’d love to hear about it….just leave a comment below!

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