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Friday Favorites: Affordable Women’s Spring Tops from Amazon

Looking for some cute women’s spring tops that won’t break the bank? Anne’s trying on 12 so you can see how they fit a short busty figure.

Our weather has turned pretty spring-like here in North Carolina!

It’s not quite southern spring where the temps climb into the upper 70s and 80s yet.

But it’s definitely what spring felt like when we lived in Maryland and New Jersey!

More days are hitting the 60s, but the evenings dip down into the 30s sometimes, so we’re not out of cozy season just yet.

We’ve definitely noticed that the days are getting longer, thank goodness, because the gray dreariness of January had us both struggling.

This week when we were working we decided we needed to take a break and go do something fun: like lunch and a trip to our local antique mall!

We both have a list of vintage treasures we’re always on the hunt for, and we both found some of our favorites.

If you follow us on Instagram and/or TikTok, you already saw the antique crocks AnnMarie found.

Anne came home with an ironstone creamer and pitcher and found an amazing deal on a round coffee table for her family room!

Unfortunately, her house is a disaster right now so she doesn’t have pictures to share just yet… stay tuned though!

But getting back to that warmer weather, we decided to pick out some cute new tops to share with you this week and next.

We did our shopping from the comfort of our couches and found some that we’re really loving!

Down in Friday Favorites, Anne’s sharing her try on so you can see how the one’s she chose fit on a shorter person who’s a little on the busty side…

Because clothes look way different on a figure with some curves than they do on the models!

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Some of our friends have shared some fantastic spring inspiration this week too!

Like this pretty wreath.

This idea to transform an old lamp.

And this inexpensive Pottery Barn dupe!

Anne’s Affordable Spring Top Try On!

Posts on Simply2Moms may contain affiliate links which means we may earn a small commission on purchases at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  You can read our full disclosure policy here.

When AnnMarie and I were planning for this year, we decided it would be fun to share a little bit of fashion with you!

We’ve heard from so many readers who appreciated AnnMarie’s post about basic black tops last fall.

Not that either of us are fashionistas.

We just want a few things that look cute and current-ish, without breaking the bank.

When I purge my closet each January, there are always a few things that are well-loved and looking a little shabby that need to be replaced.

So I hit up Amazon to see if I could find a couple new tops for spring.

Sizing Information and Anne’s Stats

I ordered a bunch because it’s hard to know how a shirt will actually look on my figure since the models are generally tall and waif-like with a small bustline.

That’s basically everything that my figure is not…

I’m 5’1″ and a half.

That half inch is important!

Currently, I’m a little above my ideal weight thanks to getting older, changing hormones, and not being as consistent with making good choices.

I was 138 pounds the day I took these pictures.

I wear a 36D bra, so sometimes size small shirts look great, and sometimes I need to wear a medium.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s take a look at the tops I tried on!

Boho Floral Print Blouse with Long Sleeves

Woman wearing a long sleeve v-neck blouse with a pink and orange floral print on a white background.

I really liked this Boho Floral Print blouse!

The fabric felt nice and would be good for most of spring.

The sleeves are sheer, but the bodice is lined.

The cut was flattering, and it comes in 26 different patterns and solids so there’s a good chance you can find one you love too.

This is a size small in the white floral pattern.

As much as I like the blouse, I’m not sure whether I’m keeping it though because I don’t get dressed up very often.

What do you think I should do?!

Black Floral Short Sleeve Blouse

Woman wearing a v-neck short sleeve blouse with a small black and white floral print.

I knew this short sleeved Black Floral Blouse was a keeper the moment I put it on.

It’s actually the same style as the pink floral above, but with short sleeves!

It’s comfortable, flattering, and for some reason a black floral doesn’t feel as dressy to me as the one above.

I have a long sleeved shirt with a similar pattern that I love and I know this is one I will wear often.

Quilted Half-Zip Lightweight Sweatshirt

Woman wearing an olive green quilted quarter zip top with jeans.

Spring is funny because some days are gorgeous and warm, and others can be chilly, so lightweight sweatshirts are perfect.

I’m really loving this quilted half-zip!

It’s cozy enough for chilly mornings or evenings, but not heavy like my winter sweatshirts.

They have lots of different colors and even another quilted pattern.

I ordered a medium in army green because I wanted it to be a little roomy so I could comfortably wear shirts underneath in case it gets toasty outside.

Or I have a hot flash.

I think I’d like it in a small too for a more fitted look.

Waffle Weave V-Neck with Button Details

Woman wearing a waffle knit V neck top with long bloused sleeves. There are large buttons on one side of the neckline.

This waffle weave shirt with the big button details is another front runner.

It’s roomy through the shoulders and I like that the sleeves blouse a little at the wrist.

The large buttons add a fun touch.

Since it comes in 18 colors, I may end up ordering another one…

This is a small in army green.

Short Sleeve V-Neck with Wrap Front

Woman wearing a white V neck blouse with short sleeves that tie at the ends of the sleeves.

I really wanted to like this V-neck wrap shirt.

But the fabric is a little too sheer so where the fabric criss-crosses in the front there’s a weird triangle that looks more opaque.

Maybe it wouldn’t be as obvious with a different color?

I also don’t really like the ties at the bottoms of the sleeves and I’m sort of over the cold shoulder look.

This is a size small and while it fits, it’s going back to Amazon.

Short Sleeve Floral V-Neck with Ruched Front

Woman wearing a fitted shirt with short sleeves in a floral pattern that ties at the bottom.

This floral short sleeve shirt is the same print as the long sleeve one!

Annnnddd, the pattern is basically the only thing I like about it.

The fabric is a jersey knit and it’s just a little too clingy in the places where I don’t need things to be clinging…

I ordered it in a small, so maybe that was the issue?

It comes in 5 sizes and one other color.

Split V-Neck Tunic with Roll-up Sleeves

This tunic has a split-V neck which is a nice change from regular V necks.

The sleeves have tabs that you can button to keep them up when you roll them.

It comes in a lot of colors and even short sleeves.

This is a small, but I think a medium would fit me better through the chest.

I tried it as a tunic first, but I think I like it better tucked in.

Apparently I like this style because I have another one that’s really similar! So instead of exchanging it I think I’m going to return it.

Rounded Neck Flower Textured Blouse with Bell Sleeves

Woman wearing a cream short sleeve shirt with a floral pattern texture.

This floral textured rounded neck shirt is another one that just didn’t do it for me.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice shirt.

I love the sleeves!

The fabric drapes nicely and hides my midsection.

But I really prefer V-neck necklines.

This is a small in beige and it comes in 15 other colors so if you like a rounded neckline, you’ll probably like this one!

V-Neck Bat Wing Shirt with Tie Front

I’m really liking a lot about this V-neck shirt with bat wing sleeves.

The tie front does a great job of disguising the softer parts of my midsection.

The neckline is flattering and not too low.

But, the sleeves are a little bit too long on my short arms.

This is a small and it comes in 6 floral patterns.

Dotted Short Sleeve Shirt with Lace Details

Woman wearing a short sleeve beige blouse with lace detailing on the front.

This short sleeved top has a fun raised dot pattern and the lace detailing is really pretty!

I ordered a small in apricot, but I think I’m going to exchange it for a medium because it feels a little bit off through the chest.

It looked nice and blousy through the chest on the model so I’m hoping if I size up it will be a little blousier on me too?

This style style comes in 10 colors and you can also get it with long sleeves.

Dotted Peplum Style Blouse

AnnMarie always looks so cute in this style of blouse!

So I decided to give a peplum style blouse a try.

I think it’s a short girl thing, but this style just doesn’t work on my body.

It’s really comfortable and fun to twirl in!

I’d say it fits true to size and it comes in 18 other colors.

Striped Button Down Blouse

Woman wearing a navy and white vertical striped button down blouse with rolled up sleeves.

I saved my favorite for last!

This striped button down blouse fits and drapes really well.

The fabric is a little silky so you need to roll the cuffs an extra time for them to stay up.

I ordered a small and the buttons don’t pull or gape through the chest, even on me.

It comes in a huge variety of colors and I actually ordered another one because I liked it so much.

Collage of the same woman wearing 12 different affordable blouses and shirts from Amazon.

So, out of 12 shirts, there are four definite keepers: the quilted halfzip, waffle weave V neck, striped blouse, and short sleeved black floral V neck.

I may keep the long sleeve floral?

And I’d like to see how the V neck with the lace detail fits in the next size up.

I hope this helps you find some styles that you like and that look fantastic on you!

What have you been shopping for this week? Have you found anything amazing?

We’d love to hear about it….just leave a comment below.

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