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How to Un-Deck the Halls: Ingenious Christmas Decor Storage Solutions

The holidays are over and now it’s time to put away all your decorations. Check out our favorite Christmas storage items.

When do you take down your Christmas decorations?

We have some friends who joke that Santa visits Christmas Eve and the Grinch shows up Christmas evening… LOL

Then we have some other friends who like to keep the twinkle lights up all January!

We fall somewhere in the middle and usually start taking down Christmas decorations right around New Year’s Eve.

Or, we wait until January 6th and Epiphany.

No matter when you put away your decorations, we’ve got some storage finds that have made the whole process so much easier!

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Our Favorite Christmas Storage Must-Have Items

Now that the holiday season is almost behind us, it’s time to put away all those pretty decorations that have filled our homes.

Have you started cleaning up and putting away your holiday decor?

Do you like to have a clean slate in your home for the new year or do you prefer to leave the twinkling lights up to ring in the new year?

Since we were both traveling this week we haven’t jumped into the de-Christmas-ing of our homes just yet.

But we’ll be ready to tackle the job next week with the help of some of our favorite Christmas storage items!

Ornament Storage Box

stack of two bins with lids for Christmas ornaments

AnnMarie has a plastic storage tub with cardboard trays for holding ornaments that she got probably 25 years ago.

But she hasn’t been able to find another one like it in all these years.

Zippered canvas totes are easy to find but she likes to be able to stack the plastic bin with her other tubs filled with holiday decor.

Plus the plastic is sturdier and more protective of her irreplaceable sentimental ornaments.

This storage box from Amazon has a hinged lid and is a great sturdy option to protect all those meaningful Christmas tree ornaments.

Anne loved that even her most treasured ornaments (like the one she received for her first Christmas) were perfectly protected in this bin.

Plastic Wreath Storage Bin

round wreath storage bin product image

Just like the ornament storage bins, there are lots of canvas bags made to hold holiday wreaths.

But stacking canvas bags can lead to damaged wreaths next year…unless you have a place to hang the bags.

We both hang seasonal wreaths in our garage and they’re just fine year after year.

However, AnnMarie has a few dried Christmas wreaths that are a bit more delicate and would likely fall apart if they weren’t stored properly.

These hard plastic wreath boxes are perfect for those types of wreaths.

Gallon Size Ziploc Storage Bags

product image of ziploc bags

We bet you probably have a box of zipper bags in your house right?!

And you may already use Ziploc bags to store lots of Christmas decor as we do.

Nonbreakable soft ornaments can be sorted by color or style and contained in plastic bags.

We both also keep all of our small sets of twinkle lights in a gallon-size bag.

Last year AnnMarie used one zipper bag for each strand of Christmas tree lights for her tree.

In the past, she’s tried those roll-up plastic thingies for lights but separating one strand per bag worked like a charm when she hung her lights this year.

Clear Storage Tote with Lid

plastic storage bin with gray lid product image

AnnMarie gave her storage closet an upgrade last year and invested in these heavy-duty storage totes.

They’re a generous 27-gallon size so they hold lots of Christmas decorations and since they’re clear she can easily see exactly what’s in each one.

The totes also have a recessed lid which allows them to be stacked without falling over.

Christmas Gift Wrap Organizer

gift wrap storage tote

A gift wrap storage bin will keep all of your paper, bags, bows, and ribbon neat and organized until you need it again next year.

AnnMarie has a plastic box for her Christmas wrapping storage and a bag for her non-holiday wrapping necessities.

Neither is working great at the moment because the long plastic bin has a hole in the bottom that’s been covered with packing tape for years.

And the tote bag is a little flimsy so the gift bags and wrapping paper that is stored inside always get wrinkled.

This gift wrap organizer seems like the perfect combination of both Christmas storage items she already has. It also comes in neutral colors if you want to keep it accessible year-round!

Tree Storage Bag

Large fabric storage bag with zipper opening to store Christmas trees and garland.

If you have faux Christmas trees in your home, then you know finding a good way to store them is essential if you want them to last!

Sometimes the boxes they come in work just fine.

But did you know that the acid in the cardboard can cause flocked trees to become discolored?

And once you’ve fluffed a tree, getting it compact enough to go back in the box can be hard!

This tree storage bag from Amazon has been a lifesaver.

It holds up to a 9-foot tree (disassembled), and it’s a really well-made bag. Anne chose this one a few years ago because of its ratings, and it’s still got a 4.6 star rating with over 10K reviews!

Her husband likes that the straps go all the way around the bag.

As we decorate more of our homes for Christmas, we’ve added more trees, so she also has two more of these bags in a smaller size.

Wreath Storage Bags

Round fabric bag with zipper enclosure and straps to store wreaths.

For years Anne hung her wreaths on a pole suspended from the ceiling of her garage.

Each season included some housekeeping to get rid of dust and cobwebs.

She still hangs her wreaths from the pole, but now she protects them in these wreath bags.

These bags are also fantastic for storing garland.

You can fit anywhere between two and four wreaths into each bag depending on how big they are, and six to eight garlands!

It’s so much easier to get them off the pole now, and no more worries about dust and cobwebs.

Each bag has a spot where you can add a label tag to easily know what you’ve stored in each one.

Figurine Storage Box

Soft side storage box with cardboard dividers, zipper top opening, and strips to store figurines.

Anne also stores most of her decorations in clear plastic tubs like AnnMarie.

Being able to safely stack the tubs is important when you’re dealing with a lot of decorations!

However, some of her decorations are family heirlooms that she wants to protect a little more carefully.

This figurine storage box gives her a way to store these items safely.

She loves the sturdy dividers between each compartment, but she still wraps everything in white tissue paper for added protection.

This box is stored in a closet inside her home instead of the garage.

Under the Bed Storage Boxes with Wheels

Plastic under bed storage container with wheels that can hold wrapping paper.

Anne prefers storing some of her decorations inside her home instead of in the garage since it can get really hot in the garage during the summer months.

She doesn’t have any large closets in her house like AnnMarie does, so under-the-bed storage is her solution.

These rolling containers from Walmart are great on hardwood floors!

If you have several beds you can store things under, then this 4-pack from Amazon is a great price.

She pushes the bins back far enough that they aren’t visible under the beds, but if you want a solution that looks prettier, these fabric ones (also from Amazon) are nice, and we love these seagrass ones from Pottery Barn!

These under-the-bed storage bins are also how Anne stores her wrapping paper and supplies.

Tub and Box Labeling System

Labels with QR codes to track what's inside boxes and totes.

We are super excited about this labeling solution!

Even though we use clear tubs for storage, sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s in a particular tub when we’ve wrapped things with tissue paper for protection.

With this system, you put a label on each tub, then you can itemize what’s in the tub on an app! You can even take pictures of what’s inside.

So if you need to find something in particular, you know exactly which tub it’s in.

Instead of pulling out all. the. tubs. and digging through them.

As bloggers, we pull out Christmas decorations at random times throughout the year for different projects we might be working on.

But we want to add these labels to every tub in our garages!

Overhead Garage Storage Rack

Over head garage storage shelf filled with storage bins.

One of our secrets to maximizing the storage space in our garages is using these overhead racks.

We’ve mounted them above our garage doors and they’re the perfect spot for storing things we don’t need to get to regularly.

Like tubs of Christmas decorations and artificial trees!

If you have a garage, we highly recommend using them to expand your storage space. You can see how AnnMarie installed hers here.

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