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Wait Until You See Our 20 Most Popular Posts from 2022!

Aren’t top 10 lists so much fun at the end of a year? We’re counting down our top 10 posts from 2022. Did your favorite post make the list?!

Did you love to listen to Casey Kasem’s countdowns of the top songs from the year?

Or watch the countdown shows on TV?

How about those year-in-review videos that the social media platforms create for you?

There’s something about a year ending and wanting to look back on the highlights.

Taking time to remember the good things, and maybe putting the not-so-good things in the rearview mirror.

We’ve been counting down our top posts here on Simply2Moms ever since we started, and it really helps us to understand what posts you, our reader, like the best.

Then we can be sure to write more about those topics in the upcoming year!

So we put our technical geeky hats on and dove into our analytics to see what you had to say about 2022…

Simply2Moms’ Top 10 Posts from 2022

We had a hard time putting this post together because we couldn’t decide which top 10 to share…

The top 10 posts we published this year?

Or the top 10 posts that got the most visitors this year, no matter when they were published?

We think both lists are pretty interesting!


We’re sharing both top 10s with you.

Be sure to let us know what your favorite post was from this year down in the comments! And also what you’d like to see us write about in 2023.

The 10 Most Popular Posts Published by Simply2Moms in 2022

Check out the most popular posts we published in 2022! Were any of these your favorites too?

The 10 Most Visited Posts on Simply2Moms in 2022

These are the posts that received the most visitors in 2022. Which one is your favorite?

Simply2Moms’ Top 10 Lists From Other Years

It's fun to see what's popular over the years! Some things stay the same year after year. And each year we're surprised by some of the posts that turn out to be most popular!

Our First Year

We launched Simply2Moms in June of 2018. At that point, we didn't even know how to see which posts were most popular! So we each picked our five favorites.

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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