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Getting to Know Anne

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Hey y’all! AnnMarie and I went out to lunch to do some blog planning last week. We brain stormed and thought it would be fun to share some random, insider information with you.

We put together a list of 10 questions for us each to answer. Then we challenged each other to come up with 2 answers for each of the 10 things.

You can check out our autobiographies here.
Get To Know Anne | www.simply2moms | #bloggerquestionnaire #gettingtoknowme #gettoknowme #10thingsaboutme #randomfactsaboutme #listoffavorites #favoritesquestionnaire #simply2moms #bloggingduo #bestfriendbloggers #allaboutme

Simply2Moms ~ Two by Two

2 Everyday Things I Couldn’t Live Without?
  • My Kindle or books
  • tweezers (getting older is no joke)
2 Favorite Songs
  • Enter Sandman – Metallica
  • Day in the Life – The Beatles
2 Stores I Love to Shop In
  • T.J. Maxx
  • Dillards
2 Places I Want To Go For Vacation
  • Napa Valley
  • Italy
2 Foods I Could Eat Everyday
  • Chocolate
  • Bacon
2 Movies I Could Watch Over & Over
  • Pretty Woman
  • Sweet Home Alabama
2 Jobs I Have Had In My Life
  • Rainbow vacuum salesperson (It’s where I met my husband! ?)
  • Software Implementation Consultant for a higher education ERP
2  Teams I Cheer For
  • Virginia Tech Hokies
  • Baltimore Orioles
2 Favorite Holiday Memories
  • My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. ? I love to cook! I love the parade. And I love that we take a day to pause and reflect on our blessings. My favorite Thanksgiving memory is from 1999. My son was born the Sunday before. Our families all came to our home that Thanksgiving to see him. They brought all the side dishes and we ordered a turkey from our local grocery store. We thought it would be cooked… but it was just a raw turkey! Dinner was a little later that year. But that was the first year I really understood how blessed I am.
  • The year we watched the local Thanksgiving parade in the rain with framily and my husband’s dad and stepmom. We didn’t know there was rain in the forecast. This was a few years before smart phones! We were completely unprepared! My father-in-law popped into the corner dry cleaner and  they gave him plastic wrap to keep us all dry. We still laugh every time we remember that day.
2 Random Facts You Might Not Know About Me
  • I am a HUGE fan of Harry Potter! I started reading the books in 1999. The wait felt so long from one book to the next. I re-read each book just before the release of the next one to build my anticipation. I’ve read the whole series eight times! The quiz on Pottermore says I’m a Ravenclaw.
  • Twins run in my family on my dad’s side. My daughters are the fifth set of twins that we know about! I didn’t know about this until I told my grandmother that we were expecting twins of our own. They are the biggest and best surprise of my life so far.

There you have it! Ten things: two by two.

Now it’s YOUR turn! Leave us a comment and tell us 2 things about you. We’d love to get know you too!
Get To Know Anne | www.simply2moms | #bloggerquestionnaire #gettingtoknowme #gettoknowme #10thingsaboutme #randomfactsaboutme #listoffavorites #favoritesquestionnaire #simply2moms #bloggingduo #bestfriendbloggers #allaboutme