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Getting to Know AnnMarie

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Hey there!  I’m glad you’re here.  Anne and I thought it would be fun to each do a questionnaire style post so you can learn a little more about us.  If you haven’t read our full story you can find that here.   Last week we got together over lunch (because you know food…yum) and came up with a list of 10 things we thought would be fun to share with you.  Then we challenged ourselves to come up with 2 answers for each of the 10 things so that you could get to know us even better!  Today is my turn and on Thursday you’ll get to know Anne.   So…let’s get to it…get to know AnnMarie…

Simply2Moms ~ Two by Two

2 Everyday Things I Couldn’t Live Without?
  • my cell phone
  • mascara 
2 Favorite Songs
  • When I See You Smile – Bad English
  • Boy – Lee Brice
2 Stores I Love to Shop In
  • HomeGoods
  • Old Navy
2 Places I Want To Go For Vacation
  • Hawaii
  • Europe (a girl can dream)
2 Foods I Could Eat Everyday
  • Smoothies
  • Pizza
2 Movies I Could Watch Over & Over
  • Steel Magnolias
  • Elf
2 Jobs I Have Had In My Life
  • Substance Abuse Counselor (I was a Social Work major in college…this was my first job…and yup it was hard!)
  • Disability Claims Manager at Prudential
2  Teams I Cheer For
  • any team my kids play on
  • Steelers
2 Favorite Holiday Memories
  • Cutting down our Christmas tree…every year our family goes to a tree farm to cut down our tree.  I have so many memories from over the years.  I remember little children with big eager eyes searching for the perfect tree, then getting down on the ground to help their dad cut the tree and yelling “timber” as it fell.  And then because I’m all about keeping it real…the year Chris & I argued about which tree to get while we all froze our butts off.  Oh…I also remember the year it was really warm and the tree fields were so muddy that we had to jump over puddles while searching…what a mess that was.  But no matter the circumstances, we always got the perfect tree for us each year and we were together doing it!  
  • Christmas is my favorite holiday so it should come as no surprise that my second favorite holiday memories are also about….Christmas!  Each year after our tree is set in the stand and all the bins of decorations are pulled from storage we put on the Christmas music and decorate our tree together.   Since my kids were born we have bought each of them a new ornament every year.  If the ornament wasn’t personalized when I bought it I would write their name & the year on the back.  They love searching for their ornament from each year as we decorate the tree.  Even now as teenagers they still enjoy this tradition…well as of last year they did.  It’s such a fun special time being together and enjoying the season.
2 Random Facts You Might Not Know About Me
  • I’m incredibly indecisive.  Have you ever heard the saying “paralysis by analysis”?  That’s me!  And the older I get the worse my indecisiveness seems to get.  Sometimes that indecision leads to procrastination in getting things done.  I just put things off  instead of making a decision.  For example, I’ve been indecisive about a new chandelier in our family room. We have a ceiling fan that never gets used in the room, so a pretty chandelier would be so much better for the space.  Our bonus room ceiling fan broke and we didn’t replace it since we were planning to move the family room fan up there.  That was 2 years ago!  Literally a lightbulb has been hanging from the ceiling in the bonus room for 2 years!  But you’ll be happy to know I FINALLY ordered a chandelier for the family room today after my sister’s strong encouragement.  I’m a work in progress!
  • Our puppy (well she’s over a year so…maybe she’s a teen now) sleeps in our bed!  If you know me I would have totally skeeved this a year ago.  I mean Marley sheds like A LOT!  Our mini golden doodle, Chloe, is 12 and doesn’t shed at all and has never ever slept in our bed.  Our dogs aren’t allowed on any other furniture.  But somehow…someway Marley has crept into our hearts and our bed!

Well, that’s it…hope you enjoyed getting to know more about me!  Leave us a comment and tell us 2 things about you.  We’d love to get to know you too!