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How to Assemble the Ultimate Valentine’s Care Package

Learn how to assemble the ultimate Valentine’s care package and send someone you love something special this year.

I really enjoy sending my college kids care packages while they’re away at school.

It’s fun to shop for their favorite snacks and treats to ship off to them every once in a while.

And holidays are the perfect time to send a care package to let them know I’m always thinking about them, even when they’re away from home.

When I’m shopping for goodies to fill a box I try to stick to a theme.

And usually, it’s a really simple theme…I just go with a color!

Hey, what can I say…I’m a simple girl! lol

For Halloween I included treats that were orange and now for Valentine’s Day can you guess what color I’m sending my college son?

What to Include in a Valentine’s Day Care Package

food and candy items lined up on wood table to include in care package

As you can see I went with red as my theme for Gavin’s Valentine’s Day care package this year!

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

I’m not sure who says that but I can tell you that my boys like to eat!

Like a lot!!

So snacks are the way to go with any care package I send.

A little cash or a gift card for an eatery near their college campus wouldn’t be a bad idea to throw in there too.

I’m sure any college student would appreciate that.

Remind me to do that before I seal up this box!

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Valentine’s Candy

valentine's day candy on wood table including several bags and containers

What’s Valentine’s day without chocolate, am I right?

Maybe add in some other favorite candy too.

Starburst red jellybeans are a family fave in our house for Easter.

So I know Gavin will be excited to see those heart-shaped jellybeans!

Do you remember Hubba Bubba bubble tape?

Well, they still have it…ahh the memories.

And no Valentine’s day is complete without a big ol’ Hershey kiss!

Snack Foods

snacks including pringles cheeze-its popcorn and pancakes on wood table

Look at the yummy snacks I found in red packaging!

A care package from mom has to include some snack foods, not just candy, even if it is Valentine’s day.

Other Ideas to Include in a College Care Package

Food is the easiest thing to grab while you’re grocery shopping.

And honestly, it’s what my boys have enjoyed receiving while in college.

However, when my daughter goes to school she may like getting other things in a care package from home.

Here is a list of ideas that you may want to consider including in a care package:

  • Cash
  • Gift cards
  • Toiletries
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Extra phone charger
  • Books
  • Games
  • Letters/Cards
  • Photos

If you have other ideas we’d love to hear about them…just drop them in the comments below.

It’s also fun to gather a group of moms with college students and assemble care packages together.

Check out how Anne did just that when her son was a freshman at NC State here.

How to Ship a Care Package

priority mail box laying on table next to food and candy for package

Priority mail flat rate boxes are great because there’s no surprise about the cost.

So go ahead and fill that box up…don’t worry about what you’re putting in there because it doesn’t matter how much it weighs.

I usually keep a few of these at home so I have them when I’m ready to send a package off to someone.

priority mail box assembled behind stack of food and candy items on table

All you need to do is tape up the bottom of your box and put your items inside to be sure they all fit.

The priority mailboxes are available in several different sizes.

I was hoping to fit everything in a medium box but I needed a large one.

food and candy for valentines care package inside box

I think he’s going to enjoy getting these treats from home.

And he may even share with his roommate! haha

How to Decorate Your Care Package

care package box with printed signs on each of the four inside flaps of the box filled with snacks

You could just close the box, tape it up, and ship it off.

But I can’t do that!

I need to make it super cute and fun.

Adding a few messages to the inside flaps of the box creates a special and personal care package.

You can add a handwritten note or even create your own printed cards.

But if you like the notes I’ve made, then you’re in luck because you can download them for free below.

And don’t worry, I’ve included one for a son or a daughter.

Printable Care Package Box Labels

care package printables laying on wood table

Make your life easy and download the printable care package box labels and then just trim them to fit your box.

If you won’t be using a priority mail box I’ve also created a smaller set of printables for you.

Save one of those Amazon boxes and you’ve got the perfect care package box.

But the flaps may be a bit smaller than the large priority mailbox.

No worries…I’ve got you covered!

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collage of product images for a care package

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