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How to Make an Easy Winter Centerpiece

Learn how to make an easy winter centerpiece in less than 30 minutes. Add this pretty décor tray anywhere in your home.

After the Christmas décor is packed away my home always feels a little empty.

Do you feel like that too?

The pretty twinkling lights are no longer shining on the tree.

The beautiful fresh evergreens I decorate with have dried out and been thrown away.

Our house feels a little bit cold and bare just like the weather outside.

I don’t know about you but winter is my least favorite season.

In January I’m always craving some cozy vibes in our home to keep me going through the long winter days.

Last year, I grabbed some of my fairy lights and created a simple display for our family room to keep the twinkling magic throughout the winter months.

So this year after my Christmas décor was all packed away, I put together a winter centerpiece that I just love!

It was seriously so easy to make in just a few minutes.

And the best part…it didn’t cost me a dime!

Yay for free seasonal décor!

Winter DIY Home Décor Blog Hop

Thank you to our good friend Jen from Midwest Life and Style for coordinating this blog hop.

If you’re visiting from Kelly at The Tattered Pew, hey there & welcome to our blog.

Weren’t Kelly’s ice votives so beautiful?

Such a creative idea!

If you’re new to our blog thanks for stopping by…we’re so happy you’re here.

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But that’s enough about us…let’s make AnnMarie’s easy winter centerpiece!

What Supplies Do I Need to Make an Easy Winter Centerpiece?

supplies on table for winter centerpiece styling

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This easy centerpiece isn’t just for the middle of your dining table.

It can be used anywhere in your home…

kitchen island…

console table…


bathroom vanity…

bedroom dresser…

pretty much anywhere you would add a decorated tray.

And the best part is you create the size that works perfectly for the area of your home that needs a little cozy winter décor.

What Should I Use as a Base of a Centerpiece?

vintage amber bottles in wood dough bowl

I chose a medium sized wooden dough bowl that I’ve had for years for the base of my winter centerpiece.

You can use any size or shape tray as long as it has sides to hold everything in place if you plan to move it.

The nice thing about creating a centerpiece in a bowl or tray is that it’s easily movable when you need to get it out of the way.

How to Add Fresh Greenery in Winter Décor

two hands over fence holding small garden pruner cutting branch of evergreen

Just look outside your window and you may just find some evergreen stems to cut.

If you don’t have any in your backyard maybe a friend or neighbor has some you can borrow.

Ok so you probably won’t be returning them. LOL

And if you can’t find any fresh branches, you can always use faux greenery stems from your Christmas stash.

hand holding small garden pruner cutting branch of evergreen

I cut several stems from two different varieties of evergreen trees in our side yard with a pair of small handheld pruners.

There are several Leyland cypress trees that we planted along our property line years and years ago.

The other variety of evergreen may be a Japanese cedar but I’m not 100% sure.

If you know what it is drop me a comment below to let me know.

hand holding watering can filling glass amber bottles

Next, I filled each of the bottles up with a some water so the greens wouldn’t dry out as quickly indoors.

You can use any kind of glass bottle or small vase for your centerpiece.

But I’ve really love the look of the pretty natural evergreen stems in the brown vintage amber bottles.

two hands holding evergreen stem on table pulling bottom branches off

Both Anne & I started collecting amber bottles a few years ago and love using them in our fall home décor and fall centerpieces and Thanksgiving tablescapes.

After bringing the clippings inside, I simply trimmed the bottom of each stem by pulling off the branches on the bottom to fit in my vintage bottles.

hand placing greenery in amber bottle

I grouped five amber bottles together in the middle of my dough bowl where it’s the flattest so they were stable.

Then, I added the fresh cut cedar and cypress evergreens in the glass bottles.

Since the bottles are grouped closely together, I only needed one stem in each.

Why Should I Use Pinecones in my Home Décor?

assortment of pinecone in various sizes and shapes in basket

I always have a big bag of pinecones on hand to use during the fall and winter in my home décor.

They’re a great vase, bowl or basket filler!

Or even scattered around a pretty but simple tablescape design.

And they are super affordable!

winter centerpiece on wood dining table wood dough bowl filled with pinecones, vintage amber bottles, and evergreen stems in bottles

I filled my dough bowl with pinecones in different sizes and shapes around the vintage amber bottles .

Isn’t the texture of the pinecones awesome?!

Using more frosted rather than natural pinecones gives the centerpiece more of a wintery feel.

I just love the combination of the brown glass filled with fresh greenery with the frosted pinecones.

How to Bring Some Sparkle to a Centerpiece

fairy lights and batteries on wood table

Although, I love how this easy winter centerpiece turned out, I think it could use a bit of sparkle.

What do you think?

To add a little twinkling magic for those long winter days, I grabbed a set of my fairy lights from my Christmas bins.

I’m actually thinking I may leave some of these little light strings out in my office storage closet so that I can use them all year.

Because I’m sure there will be other seasons that it would be beautiful to add a bit of sparkle to my home.

fairy light battery pack in dough bowl surrounded by pinecones

After filling the bowl with pinecones, I tucked the battery pack in the bottom of the wood dough bowl.

Be sure to wrap the excess wire that doesn’t have any lights around the battery unit.

Set the timer on the lights so they automatically turn on every evening.

Next, weave the string of fairy lights around the pinecones in the bowl.

The wire is super flexible and easily wraps around the pinecones to hold the lights in place.

hand placing pinecones in wood dough bowl on table

Then just cover the battery compartment with a few more pinecones to hid it.

And your done!

Easy peasy!

winter table centerpiece dough bowl filled with different sized pinecones amber bottles with cypress stems on table

The spiky texture of the cedar stems mixed with the feathery texture of the cypress clippings is such a pretty combination.

winter table centerpiece with fairy lights, pinecones, amber bottles and greenery

The way the fairy lights glow between the pinecones and reflect in the amber bottles is just so stunning.

This easy winter centerpiece creates the perfect cozy feel to brighten those dreary winter days.

easy winter centerpiece on middle of dining table with windows beyond and chandelier above
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Do Dodson

Wednesday 7th of December 2022

Love love love this simple decorating style. Now I need to start collecting brown bottles. 🙂

Thanks for sharing. :) 😘


Wednesday 7th of December 2022

Thanks so much Donna! I found these bottles in thrift you'll be on the hunt! :)


Monday 14th of November 2022

Love the amber bottles. I also save the dark green bottles for display. Natural greens are always lovely with pinecones for texture and color.


Tuesday 15th of November 2022

Hi there! Thanks for your sweet comment. I have green bottles as well and was planning to use them this year with clippings from my back yard again! Thanks for reading the blog! :)

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Friday 21st of January 2022

Easy and beautiful, my favorite combination! I am a huge fan of the amber bottles...such a fun centerpiece. Pinned!


Saturday 22nd of January 2022

Thanks so much Kelly! Easy & free...the best combination. :)


Thursday 20th of January 2022

I love this! Especially those amber bottles!! Amber bottles are perfect for winter!!


Saturday 22nd of January 2022

Thanks Aliya - I'm so glad I pulled them out for winter. I've only used them in the fall but they are perfect with the fresh cut greenery.