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How to Set a Beautiful Spring Table in 5 Easy Steps

Learn how to set a beautiful spring table in 5 easy steps for the perfect dinner party while entertaining family and friends.

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We’ve been doing this for two years and it’s just so fun to see everyone’s creativity with the different themes each month.

And to add even more inspiration for our readers, we also invite a guest host to join us too!

We’re thrilled to welcome Jennifer from Cottage on Bunker Hill this month.

Jennifer is the queen of creating or finding dupes of expensive home decor items we all love.

She’s also a wonderful gardener and crafter who lives with her husband in New Hampshire.

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This Month’s Dinner Club Theme

We’re excited about hosting a super fun spring fling party this month as our dinner club theme.

You may be curious about what exactly is a spring fling party, how to host a spring gathering, or even what to serve at this spring fling get-together.

A spring fling is simply a party, gathering, or get-together with friends and family where great food, cocktails, and fun is the theme.

It’s the time to celebrate the weather getting warmer and to welcome spring.

two woman eating salads at table in dining room smiling

For our dinner club, we’re planning a salad bar party.

Anne created a delicious brand-new blueberry salad with sweet lemon dressing you’ll definitely want to try!

I’m sharing all the details for my pretty spring tablescape design. It’s not only perfect for this spring fling theme but for Easter or any other spring party too.

Wait until you see all the incredible salad recipes and an amazing cocktail.

Have you read our previous supper club menus and tablescape ideas?

If not…we’ve got you covered and will share the link at the end of this post. You can find lots of inspiration on different themes and ideas for entertaining at home.

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Where to Host a Spring Fling Party

dining room table in center with white walls and black ceiling

So you’re planning a fun spring fling party but not sure where to have it?

Outside would be an ideal place to host a spring party if the weather is warm enough and your outdoor spaces aren’t covered in a coat of pollen.

We’ve had some record-low temperatures here this week in North Carolina.

And my outdoor table has a nice coating of green pollen all over it.

So, I decided to set this party up inside instead of outside.

I like to host dinner parties in my dining room since we don’t get to use this space very often.

It’s fun to decorate my dining table in this room.

Plus, I recently gave this dining room a little makeover and added more molding to the walls.

I also painted the room, so I love creating new tablescapes in my updated space.

console table with mirror above and decor on top

When planning your party think about the food that will be served.

Be sure to choose a spot that’s big enough to hold all the food especially if you won’t be serving from the dining table.

My console table is a great place to use as a sideboard buffet table during parties.

I can just remove the decor pieces on the top of the table to make room for the salads that my guests will be bringing with them to the party.

If you don’t have a table or buffet you can use a simple pop-up folding table.

Cover a folding table with a pretty tablecloth and it’s ready to be used as a serving table.

How to Decorate for a Spring Party

Easter decor with antique books wood bead carrots bunny and faux lavender in basket

Depending on the theme of your party you may want to add additional decorations around the room.

Some themes would benefit from a little extra ambiance at the gathering.

For this spring party, I decided to let the food be the star of the night.

I kept the decorating to a minimum.

I styled a small table with a few vintage books and some spring decor.

Using my DIY wood bead carrots, faux lavender stems, and rustic cloche with a bunny inside as party decorations.

I also always design a pretty tablescape for dinner parties so I didn’t feel like the space needed anything else.

How to Create a Beautiful but Simple Spring Centerpiece

wood tray filled with bud vases candles and faux tulips

My centerpiece for this spring party is not only beautiful but a very simple design.

And the best part is that it’s really easy to recreate for your home.

This centerpiece is a neutral enough style that it can be used throughout the entire spring season not just for a dinner party.

votive candles and different bud vases on wood tray

First, I placed my long narrow wood tray in the middle of the dining table to use as the base for building the centerpiece.

Next, I added 10 small clear glass bud vases and set them in a zig-zag pattern down the length of the tray.

I bought this set of 6 vases and this set of 4 vases from Amazon to create this simple table centerpiece design.

Each vase has a unique etched design and when grouped together they look gorgeous, especially with the sun setting and coming through the windows.

Finally, I added 10 little plain white votive candles between the bud vases along the tray.

Should You Use Faux or Real Flowers on a Spring Table

fake spring flowers in glass bud vases on table

Ahhh the great debate…faux vs. real flowers…which one is best for tablescapes?

Well, deciding to use real or fake flowers really depends on a few things…budget, accessibility, and time.

In my opinion, nothing compares to real flowers but there are several things to consider when creating a tablescape with live blooms.

First, it can be expensive to purchase enough floral stems to create the gorgeous full tablescape you’re envisioning.

Next, are the type of flowers you want to use available?

And finally, although beautiful, some varieties of real flowers won’t last very long.

So if you’re using the real deal you may have to time setting up your table with buying the flowers.

After thinking about these considerations you may want to opt for faux floral stems.

With fake flowers, you can usually find what you need any time of the year, use them over and over again, and find a great deal on quality faux greenery.

How to Use Gorgeous Spring Faux Stems

dining room tablescape for Easter or spring theme party

I had planned this centerpiece design in my head long before actually trying to execute it.

Envisioning a variety of beautiful vintage glass bud vases lining my table with a single stunning stem of my favorite flower…tulips in each vase.

Of course, I wanted real tulips so they would droop perfectly over the exquisite antique bud vase.

But I was too late to pull off my plan so I compromised and went in a slightly different direction.

I quickly searched for bud vases that looked super pretty online at Amazon that were available for overnight shipment.

Then I went to several local places in search of live tulips.

But unfortunately, they were really difficult to find around here.

The tulips were either already past the perfect bloom and kinda dead or they weren’t opened at all.

And I didn’t have time to wait for the tulip buds to open before taking photos for this blog post.

Easter centerpiece with faux tulips and neutral place settings

Instead of real flowers, I shifted gears and used the off-white faux tulips that I bought last month.

My advice is to always have a plan B when entertaining because you never know what could happen.

Note to self…schedule a spring-themed tablescape with tulips in February next year…don’t wait until March.

And I’ve now added glass bud vases to my list of vintage items I’ll be searching for when I go antiquing with Anne next time. lol

How to Set a Table for Spring

overhead view of beautiful spring tablescape

I wanted to keep each place setting simple and neutral just like the centerpiece design.

Remember our spring fling party will be a salad bar theme so I set the table for six guests with everything we need to enjoy a delicious salad.

I started with a round woven natural placemat at each seat to anchor the place settings.

Next, I laid a neutral striped napkin between the jute placement and the dinner bowl.

The stripe adds a bit of interest and coordinates nicely with the textured placemat.

Easter table place setting with salad bowls

Although your guests don’t really need two napkins, I really like the look of adding another napkin on top of the bowl.

The simple cute bunny graphic printed on the fringed napkin is a fun accent for a spring-themed table.

I pulled the cream-colored cloth napkins through a rattan napkin ring.

These pretty napkin rings are from one of my favorite stores, Rodworks in Asheville.

I found a similar napkin ring option here if these aren’t available to order from Jackie at Rodworks.

spring place setting on white wood table

Rather than using a plate or regular bowl these large shallow dinner bowls are a great way to serve salad for a meal.

The bowls are just about the same size as an ordinary dinner plate.

I found these awesome matte black dinner bowls that are so pretty with an uneven scalloped edge.

gold flatware next to woven placemat set on table

I really liked the pretty unique edge design on these bowls and the size is perfect for having a salad.

My gold flatware from Target looks great with the neutral colors of the place settings for a little sparkle.

I think I may need to look for a good deal and invest in a set of matte black flatware next.

Gathering Friends and Family for a Spring Fling

dining table with sun shining through triple windows

The best part of hosting a spring fling is gathering your friends and family to celebrate the new season.

The long winter is over and spending time with some of your favorite people welcoming warmer weather sounds like a perfect evening to me.

room decorated for spring with table settings and greenery

Spring days are longer and there’s nothing better than enjoying a delicious meal while watching the sunset outside the window from your dining table.

Now go invite a few friends and throw your own fabulous spring party!

You can check out more of our spring decorating ideas and inspiration over here.

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collage of products used to style spring table

Sources: set of 6 bud vases | set of 4 bud vases | votive candles | long wood tray | faux tulips | striped napkins | round jute placemats | rattan napkin rings| black dinner bowls | stemless wine glasses | gold flatware

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