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Friday Favorites: Amazon Spring Decor We Bought this Week

Are you feeling the wintertime blues? We are! So to beat them we’re getting ready for spring with some amazing Amazon spring décor.

Is January the absolute longest month of the year or what?

Seriously…wasn’t it New Year’s Eve like 5967 days ago?

It just keeps dragging on…and on…and on!

And I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that neither of us is a fan of winter.

It’s been a dreary month here in North Carolina too.

Lots of rain and dark gloomy days.

We need some warm weather, green trees, flowers blooming, birds chirping, and for goodness sake a little bit of sunshine!

So that’s how we’re feeling…lol!

How about you?

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This Week On the Blog

Of course, we’ve been busy working this week.

Anne’s closet makeover is coming along and she’s hoping to finish it up this weekend after hitting a snag in the project.

If you follow us on social media you know what we’re talking about.

She’s saved everything in a highlight bubble on Instagram if you want to check it out here.

AnnMarie did some crafting and decorating this week for our monthly virtual supper club and a fun Valentine’s blog hop we’re participating in next week.

If you’ve been around Simply2Moms for a while you may remember AnnMarie’s winter tablescape from last year with a simple DIY centerpiece using fresh-cut evergreen clippings from her backyard.

Well, that little video went viral on Pinterest and gave that blog post a boost. (see it here)

She reused the idea of the cypress clippings from her yard again this week with a new tablescape design.

Wait until you see it!

Do you use baskets around your home to organize?

Check out these 15 ways AnnMarie uses baskets to organize her home.

And let us know of other ideas you may have because we’re always looking for new ones!

Looking for a new scrumptious dessert?

Well, look no further because Anne just created a new recipe and she’s declared that this may just be her most favorite one yet.

Friday Favorites: Amazon Spring Decor We Bought this Week

Since we’re craving a bit of spring we decided to do a little shopping this week to chase those winter blues away.

We each ordered some new home decor pieces for spring from Amazon.

Neither of us did too much decorating for winter this year after all the holiday decor was packed away.

We’ve been enjoying the clean slates of our homes this month.


AnnMarie’s been enjoying her clean slate, while Anne still hasn’t completely finished packing all her Christmas decorations away…

That closet project has been a major time suck!

We’re planning to get started decorating early for spring so that we can share some of our ideas with you since that’s what friends are for!

We haven’t received everything yet but when we do we’ll be sure to get it all styled so we can share our ideas with you.

Now let’s see what we bought this week…

AnnMarie Chats about Her Spring Home Finds

Spring Greenery Wreath

faux green leaf and small white flower wreath

I’ve had the same wreath for years for the spring season so figured it was time for a new one!

I love all the different leaf styles and color variations on this 22′ wreath.

It’s a simple green wreath that’s just my style

Bunny Pillow Cover

pillow cover with watercolor drawing of bunny

This little sweet bunny face caught my eye when I was searching for pillow covers.

This cute pillow will look great on my bench either on the front porch or in the entryway.

Covers are definitely the way to go so you don’t have to store all those big decorative throw pillows.

Real-touch Artificial Tulip Flowers

product image of faux ivory tulips in glass vase

Anne bought a set of these beautiful real touch faux tulips last year and I loved them.

They really did look so realistic!

And since tulips are my fave flower I just had to order a set for myself in off white.

Faux Green Branches

product image of realistic looking branches with small faux leaves

You can never go wrong with adding greenery during the spring to your home.

Add some faux branches to a favorite vase or glass jar.

These green leaf branches are 43″ tall, have great reviews, and have been shared by a bunch of influencers I follow so they must be amazing!

Can’t wait to style these in my house.

Linen Fringed Pillow Covers

I ordered one of these linen fringed pillow covers in beige this past fall and absolutely love it.

It may just be my fave pillow!

So of course I had to order another one…okay two!

I ordered a green cover and another beige.

Anne Shares Her New Spring Decor

It was so fun to browse Amazon for some new items to freshen up my house for spring!

Since I still have way too many Christmas decorations displayed in my house, I’m so ready to finally pack them away and move on to the next season.

The past few days have been in the 50s so I think it’s time!

Queen Bee French Country Pillow Cover

Ivory pillow cover stenciled with queen bee design surrounded by leaves in French country style.

If you’ve been around Simply2Moms for a little while then you know I have a thing for French country decorating items.

Lately, the bee motif has been screaming my name, so this Queen Bee pillow cover was an easy choice.

I actually ordered two to put in my family room.

Pale Pink Real Touch Faux Tulips

Pale pink faux real touch tulips arranged in a glass vase.

My decorating style is pretty neutral: heavy on the greenery with whites, creams, and wood accents.

But I love mixing in a tiny bit of color!

This year I’m adding just a few pale pink touches in my home with some faux flowers.

These tulips are so realistic looking!

They come in 16 colors so I know you’ll be able to find the perfect color for your home.

Wood Pedestal Cake Stand

Wood cake stand or pedestal with adjustable pedestal height.

Varying the height of items you use to decorate helps your decor look interesting.

Wood pedestals and cake stands are an easy way to change up height.

This wood cake stand has a secret feature: the pedestal base is actually two pieces, so you can get two different looks from one stand!

Glass Bell Jar

Wood pedestal cake stands holding baked goods covered by glass bell jars.

You can pair bell jars with pedestals to create pretty vignettes.

Or to display food on a buffet.

Since my kitties like to nibble on my plants with tiny leaves (even the faux ones!), I’m planning to display them under a bell jar this year!

Set of 18 Natural Wood Eggs

Set of natural wood eggs.

AnnMarie and I had fun staining natural wood beads to make Christmas ornaments, and I can’t wait to try something similar with these natural wood eggs.

Although, they showed up today and they’re really pretty completely natural too!

If you prefer more colorful decor, these wood eggs would also be easy to paint.

French Country Dish Towels

Set of three natural colored dish towels stenciled with French country designs.

I love the colors and patterns on these French country-inspired dish towels.

I don’t know if I’ll use them to actually dry any dishes, but I think they’ll look really pretty displayed in my kitchen.

We don’t usually tell each other what we’re buying when we do these posts and I had to laugh when I saw one of her selections…

Kitchen island with large wood bowl centerpiece with white pitcher filled with spring branches.

Those branches with the small green leaves?

They were in my shopping cart too and showed up at my house yesterday!

I couldn’t wait to get them out and display them.

If you order some too, this is the set of 6 branches in my pitcher.

They’re sold in a 2-pack for $18.99 or a 6-pack for $39.99, so if you think you’ll want more than two, be sure to order the 6-pack!

What have you been shopping for this week? Have you found anything amazing?

We’d love to hear about it….just leave a comment below!

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Collage of spring decorating finds from Amazon

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