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Print, Play, Party: Score a Touchdown with these Easy Super Bowl Party Games

Host an epic event and score a touchdown this year with these super fun and easy Super Bowl party games! Just print, play, and party your way to victory!

The Super Bowl is so much more than just a football game.

It’s an event that brings friends and family together for food, fun, and more.

Why not add to the excitement with some super fun party games?

Don’t pay for overpriced game sets.

We’ve got you covered with our free Game Day party printables!

Just download and print and you’ll have a set of fun activities ready to go.

These printables will keep everyone entertained throughout the entire game (and maybe even during the commercials!).

From classic bingo to rating the commercials these games are perfect for all ages.

We know everyone will have a blast playing along!

Super Bowl Party Games

two women wearing football jerseys standing in front of dining table with beer bottles in hand

Anne has hosted a Super Bowl Sunday party for years and always has the best snacks to enjoy while we’re playing party games and watching the actual game on TV.

If you’re looking for some game-day food ideas be sure to click here!

And if you need some party decor tips check out this blog post for some easy football decoration ideas.

Our game day printables will guarantee your event is a success!

Whether you’re hosting a small gathering of friends or inviting the entire neighborhood these printable games will help everyone have a memorable night.

So get ready to have a roaring good time with your friends and family.

Let’s take a sneak peek at the touchdown-worthy games you’ll find in your printable bundle:

Printable Game Day Party Games

multiple game day printables laying on lawn beside two footballs

The Game Day printables set includes 5 different football-related games.

All you need to do is download…print…and play!

Oh, you may want to have enough pens or pencils on hand for your guests too.

Super Bowl Squares

game day squares printable paper on grass with two footballs

Game Day Squares is a timeless favorite that will add some anticipation to every play during the Super Bowl and will have your guests at the edge of their seats.

Print out a grid, assign squares to your guests, and watch as they cheer for their numbers to come up on the scoreboard.

The winner at the end of each quarter takes home a prize.

Game Day Predictions

game day predictions printed sheet outdoors on grass

Game Day Predictions is a fun way to get everyone paying attention during the game.

Have your guests fill out the printable before the Super Bowl starts with their predictions for each question.

Then tally up how many you get correct at the end of the game.

Football Bingo

Who doesn’t love a good game of bingo?

This game day themed version features squares like “Red Zone,” “4th Down,” and “2-Minute Warning”.

Just mark off the squares as you see them happen, and the first person to get a blackout wins!

We’ve created two different versions for you either a full-page size card or a smaller version with two cards per page.

Both options include 20 different cards so you’ll have plenty on hand to play a few rounds of bingo.

Rate the Commercial Super Bowl Party Game

printed sheet for commercial game during Super Bowl

Let’s be honest, sometimes the commercials are the best part of the Super Bowl, are we right?!

Keep your eyes peeled and your pencils ready!

During commercial breaks rate each one on this printable.

Then after the game compare with your friends and family to see what everyone thought about the commercials.

Big Game Word Scramble Printable

printable football word scramble game laying on grass outside beside footballs

Put your football knowledge and spelling skills to the test with a friendly word scramble game.

Unscramble the letters to reveal hidden football terms.

Of course, we’ve included an answer key in case you and your guests are stumped!

It’s so easy to host the best football watch party and score a touchdown with your family and friends.

Now go print your Super Bowl party games and get ready for an epic time!

Download and Print Your Game Day Bundle

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