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What’s On My Plate – New Orleans Style

What's On My Plate - New Orleans Style | | #diningout #whatsonmyplate #wompwednesday #emerilsresturant #cochanbutcher #fullblastbrunch #adultbeverages #trimhealthymama #thm #smeal #keto #lowcarb #lowcarbbeverage #prosecco #lowcarbmargarita #friendsweekendtrip #annualfalltripwithfriends #fabstrip What's On My Plate - New Orleans Style | | #diningout #whatsonmyplate #wompwednesday #emerilsresturant #cochanbutcher #fullblastbrunch #adultbeverages #trimhealthymama #thm #smeal #keto #lowcarb #lowcarbbeverage #prosecco #lowcarbmargarita #friendsweekendtrip #annualfalltripwithfriends #fabstrip

If you follow us on social media you may know that Anne & I were in New Orleans for a long weekend with our husbands and another couple we consider framily.  Framily is that lucky combination of friends who are like family. ♥

We had so much fun exploring the city together.  Walking tours, venturing on an airboat to see alligators, and shopping filled our days.  At night we had fun on Bourbon & Frenchmen Streets!  And let’s not forget the dining!  New Orleans has some fabulous restaurants.  Have you heard of Cafe Du Monde and their famous beignets?  Well…lets just say they are definitely not on plan.  But that’s the beauty of this plan…food freedom.  If you choose to try a beignet next time you’re in New Orleans…that’s entirely up to you…just get back on plan for your next meal in 3 hours.

You can definitely follow the Trim Healthy Mama way of eating while away from home!  S meals are usually the easiest to find out in restaurants.  And let’s face it when you’re on vacation you want to indulge…am I right?  I know we do!  But indulging doesn’t have to mean getting completely off track.  I often find when I eat out the meals are larger than at home so I don’t typically eat every 3-4 hours.  Plus, I’m so busy having fun sometimes we don’t have a meal at a set time.  It’s vacation…so I’m relaxed and don’t worry about it too much.  I know I’ll get back on a schedule when I get home.

What’s On My Plate (WOMP) Wednesdays are Simply2Moms’ answer to help you put meals together.   Even if you are away for an adult only little vacation in New Orleans!  So let’s see what I ate while I was away…

Breakfast – S Meal

We ate brunch every day and I just love omelets so that’s what I enjoyed in different combinations every morning.  This omelet from an awesome new restaurant, Full Blast Brunch, had spinach, tomato, goat cheese and bacon!  It was delicious!  I declined the toast, potatoes, grits and fruit (since they weren’t berries).  Most restaurants will let you substitute the carb options for something else…either another protein, berries, or veggies.  Just ask!  As our friend reminds us…the menu is just a listing of suggestions that they offer…don’t be afraid to ask for anything on the menu with your meal.

Lunch – S meal

The day we arrived it was around lunch time so we headed to a great place called the Cochen Butcher.  I got a cheese platter for my meal.  Most other options available included sausage and other meats that didn’t look appealing to me.  I may be a bit picky about meat. Ha ha!  I only liked 2 of the 3 cheese slices and the nuts.  My husband ate the pita chips since they are off plan.  Although it was tasty…I certainly wasn’t stuffed after this meal.  Anne had a sandwich and just pulled all her meat & toppings off the bun…but she may be sharing that meal with you in the future so I don’t want to spoil it!  Everyone else loved their meals so I would definitely recommend trying this’s in the warehouse district & has a cool vibe.

Dinner – S Meal

We enjoyed a night out at Emeril’s New Orleans restaurant where I had an Emeril’s salad.  Sorry I forgot to snap a picture of that before I ate it…so good.  And for my main course…grilled beef tenderloin with rosemary charred fall vegetables, arugula & blue cheese in veal jus.  It was completely out of my comfort zone of ordering some sort of salad topped with grilled chicken.  But it was so delicious!

“Snacks” – Crossover

If you’ve been following us for What’s On My Plate (WOMP) Wednesdays you know we usually include a snack with breakfast, lunch and dinner options in our posts.  Since I wasn’t having snacks and we did enjoy some adult beverages with our friends this weekend I thought I’d share the two drinks I had!  I consider alcoholic drinks to be crossovers but I do try to stick to low carb options.  Did you know prosecco is one of the wine options that has the lowest number of carbs?  And I do love prosecco!  Do you?  The other drink I really enjoy is a low carb margarita.  When I’m out I order a tequila and seltzer with extra lime.  But I do ask for a large pint glass of seltzer with a shot of the tequila otherwise it comes in a small glass and it’s too strong.  Then just squeeze the limes in and add a packet of on plan sweetener.  I like Trim Healthy Mama Super Sweet Blend but Anne prefers Puyre.  Viola…a low carb margarita!  So yummy!  Give it a try it the next time you are out.

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