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12 of the Best Ideas to Refresh and Organize Your Home After the Holidays

Now that the chaos of Christmas is over it’s time to refresh and organize your home. We’ve got 12 ideas to start the new year off right.

We hope you had a wonderful holiday filled with memory-making moments with family and friends.

As the holiday season comes to an end you may be thinking ahead to the new year.

Or maybe you’re looking around your house thinking how am I going to store all these Christmas decorations until next year?

Are you the type who can’t wait to get their house cleaned up and organized once all the celebrating dies down?

Today we’re sharing some tips and tricks for you to get your house in tiptop shape!

Everything from tips to storing your Christmas decorations for next year…

to organizing tricks for better storage spaces…

to ideas to spruce up your home for the winter after all the cheery holiday decor is packed away.

We’ve got you covered!

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How to Store Christmas Decorations

Are you ready to put away your holiday decor?

Did you buy some pretty new pieces this year?

Whether you have new holiday decorations this year or you’re old way of storing Christmas decor isn’t working so well anymore, we’ve got some great tips to help you.

Our blogging friends are sharing their tricks to store all your Christmas decorations.

Best Seasonal Storage Ideas for Decor | The Pond’s Farmhouse

clear plastic storage tub with Christmas decorations from the Ponds Farmhouse blog

Are you needing seasonal storage ideas to help you organize your Christmas decorations?

Rachel, from the Pond’s Farmhouse shares these simple tips that will keep all your seasonal decor organized and you’ll know exactly where to find each item.

9 Ways to be Prepared For Next Year’s Christmas Season | Shiplap and Shells

faux fireplace mantel with mirrors and greenery from Shiplap and Shells blog

Are you still trying to recover from the craziness of the holidays?

Kim from Shiplap and Shell shares her 9 ways to help you prepare for next year’s Christmas season by starting now.

Five Must-Haves for the Easiest Holiday Organization | Cottage in the Mitten

plastic tub filled with Christmas decor from Cottage in the Mitten blog

Do you feel a little overwhelmed with everything there is to store away, after the holidays?

If so, Kim from Cottage in the Mitten has five must-haves for keeping your next holiday season organized.

Christmas Tree Ornament Storage Hack (Tik Tok Made Me Do It!) | Bricks ‘n Blooms

view of decorating Christmas tree from Bricks-n-Blooms blog

Looking for better ways to store your Christmas tree ornaments?

Wait until you see this cool storage hack that Stacy from Bricks ‘n Blooms found on Tik Tok that makes it so much easier to put your Christmas ornaments away!

Fantastic Ways To Store Christmas Decor | She Gave It a Go

bench with Christmas storage bags on She Gave it a Go blog

After Christmas, packing up can feel overwhelming if you do not have a storage solution for your decor.

So why not make the storage easy, budget-friendly, and practical?

Check out Brendt from She Gave it a Go’s blog and her awesome ideas when storing Christmas decor.

Ideas to Organize Your Home

Now that all your holiday decor is super organized it’s time to declutter the rest of the house.

I always like to reorganize spaces during this time of the year.

Sometimes it’s just a small project like cleaning out a desk or organizing a closet or even a kitchen pantry.

Other times it’s a bit more work but so worth it when it’s finished, like when Anne created a drop zone in her garage or I gave my husband’s closet a complete makeover.

If you live in a smaller home you may not have as much space for storage check out our friend Heidi’s tips.

How to Organize a Small House With No Storage | Eleanor Rose Home

view of living room in Eleanor Rose Home blog

Organizing & decluttering a home with limited storage space is easy with these 5 simple tips that anyone can use.

How to Make a Storage Closet More Organized and Functional | Simply2Moms

completed storage closet makeover with neatly organized plastic storage bins and pillows arranged on wire shelving

Have a storage closet that’s a total mess?

Even though I was lucky enough to have this big closet…it was full of so much stuff I couldn’t even open and close the door.

Check out how I updated a walk-in closet to be more organized and functional.

Ideas to Refresh your Home Decor

Do you miss the magical feeling of all those twinkling lights around your home after the holidays?

I sure do!

So, a couple of years ago I decided to leave some out with this cute idea.

And last year I created this pretty winter centerpiece to brighten up my kitchen table after all the Christmas decorations were put away.

Anne decorated her fireplace mantle for winter in a vintage farmhouse style and I like to create a cozy vibe in my family room to chase away the winter blues.

Here are a few more ideas to decorate your home this winter.

Vintage Ski Lodge Decor Series | Dabbling and Decorating

view outside red house in winter from Dabbling and Decorating blog

If you are looking for creative ways to transition into winter decor check out this Vintage Ski Lodge Decor Series filled with winter decorating ideas from snowshoes and old skis to how to make ice lanterns!

Anne from Dabbling and Decorating shares several ideas to help you decorate this winter.

Winter Entry Table with Natural Elements | Thistle Key Lane

console table decor on Thistle Key Lane blog

Add some simple natural elements to warm up your winter decor with evergreens and pinecones.

Michelle from Thistle Key Lane uses fresh cuttings to easy seasonal decorating.

Easy Ideas to Refresh Your Home in January | Cottage on Bunker Hill

magnolia leaves in planter from Cottage on Bunker Hill blog

Now that you have Christmas all packed away for another year it’s a great time to add a few cozy touches to your spaces for winter.

Jennifer from Cottage on Bunker Hill shares her easy ideas to refresh your home in January (and super budget-friendly too!!)

How to Make Beautiful Winter Mantel Decor | Robyn’s French Nest

fireplace mantel with gold candle sticks on Robyns French Nest blog

When the Christmas decor comes down, the cozy feelings don’t have to go away!

Robyn’s French Nest shares some tips and ideas to create simple winter decor for January.

You can use these same concepts throughout your home for the winter season!

5 Easy Ways To Refresh Your Home After Christmas | White Lilac Farmhouse

winter vignette from Lilac Farmhouse blog

With the holidays over, we look for cozy ways to style our home for the winter.

Tammy from White Lilac Farmhouse has 5 easy ways to refresh your home after Christmas.

I hope you got some great ideas and inspiration for organizing and refreshing your home after the holidays!

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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