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Anne’s 5 Favorite Blog Posts from 2018

Hey everyone! When AnnMarie and I started our blog in June of this year, we had no idea what we were doing. All we knew was that we had so many ideas that we wanted to share! There’s something about the end of a calendar year that leads to reflection. We thought this would be a great time for us to each share our 5 favorite blog posts from 2018.

I’ll be sharing my 5 favorite blog posts today and stay tuned for AnnMarie’s 5 favorites on Friday! It was kind of hard to choose just five. I feel kind of attached to all of them. But these are the ones I find myself returning to most often.

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Anne’s 5 Favorite Blog Posts: 2018

I’m Not Ready

I wrote this post just before sending my oldest to college. At this point in August my emotions were raw. I didn’t know what to expect! Writing this piece was therapeutic for me. There was something about putting my feelings into words that helped me to deal with them.

Now that he has completed his first semester, I can look at these feelings with a full heart. I want to tell myself that it would be okay! Yes, saying goodbye would be hard. But honestly the anticipation of his leaving was much more difficult, if that makes any sense?

Our relationship has changed. But I think I may enjoy this new stage more than any that have come before. I just wish I got to see him a little more often. There is nothing like one of his hugs!

I'm Not Ready | | One mom explores the emotions of saying goodbye as her oldest leaves for college. #grownandflown #emptynest #college #sayinggoodbye

Low Carb Southwest Breakfast Biscuits

These breakfast biscuits are one of my favorite quick and easy meals! I like to keep them on hand in my freezer all the time. If you haven’t made them yet, go give them a try!

a keto southwest breakfast biscuit with a fork on a scalloped plate

Easy Garlic Biscuits

Honestly these are tied with the breakfast biscuits for me. This recipe is one that I make two to three times a month. It is a tried and true item that I serve to nearly everyone who comes to my home for dinner. And it’s one that I whip up to bring with me for potluck meals. In fact, I brought a batch to AnnMarie’s house for Christmas Eve dinner!

Low Carb Garlic Biscuits | | These low carb garlic biscuits are so quick and easy to make with an easy change of traditional fathead dough preparation. Sure to satisfy everyone in your family, even if they don't eat low carb! #lowcarb #fathead #fatheaddough #keto #recipe #THM #THMS #THMrecipe #LCHF #Atkins

Low Carb Sweetener Conversion Tables

I’m not a fan of doing math, and putting these tables together was painful for me! My brain seriously was aching by the time I was done. LOL But I love finally having usable conversions for low carb sweeteners. Because before I took the time to do this I was having to figure out these calculations almost every time I wanted to bake. It feels so good to know that my work is helping other people too!

clipboard with low carb sweetener conversion table next to an open cookbook and cannister of sweetener

Removing Hard Water Stains from Granite

It was hard not to choose another one of my recipes, but writing this post made me so happy! I don’t love cleaning, but I DO love the results. After taking the time to get rid of these stains, I followed my own advice and have been careful about drying the area each time I get it wet. I’m happy to report that it’s been nearly 6 months and there’s no sign of the hard water stains returning! If you have these stains in your home, this simple process is a great way to start your 2019.

kitchen sink faucet after removing hard water stains on granite

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read Simply 2 Moms in 2018! We are so touched that you spend some of your valuable time to follow along! If there’s ever anything that you’d like to see included, please let us know. We love to hear from you! <3