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Friday Favorites: College Dorm Room Shopping

Check out our Friday Favorites and see what we’re each shopping for this week! It’s all about college dorm room essentials in this edition of our faves!

It’s the summer after graduation so that means it’s time to get our last Simply2Moms kiddo ready for college!

AnnMarie’s daughter Emma will be heading to college in August and since this is her third go around, she knows just how fast this summer will fly by, so she’s starting to shop early!

If you’re getting ready to send a boy to college, we’ve got you covered with our guy’s dorm packing list.

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College Dorm Room Shopping

Mini Refrigerator

stainless steel mini fridge in box on floor of garage

Emma will be moving into a four bedroom suite style dorm room. Each girl will have their own bedroom and they will share a living area and bathroom.

She wanted her own mini fridge for her bedroom so she can keep snacks and drinks close by.

AnnMarie found a great deal on this Whirlpool 3.1 cubic feet stainless steel refrigerator at Target.

It was shipped last week and now sits in the garage until move in day.

Be sure to check with roommates if they’ll be sharing some of the dorm room essentials like this.

Compact Microwave

small microwave new in box on top of mini fridge box in garage for college dorm

Another dorm room necessity is a microwave…well because…popcorn, of course!

Microwave popcorn is a night time staple around here for our college kids.

This affordable compact microwave from Best Buy is the perfect size to sit right on top of the mini fridge in Emma’s dorm room.

Sky Lite Projector

sky light projector in packaging on table

We aren’t positive but there was some talk at orientation that LED string lights that stick to the walls aren’t allowed at the university Emma is attending.


So just in case this turns out to be true, she has a back up plan with this cool Sky Lite galaxy projector from Amazon.

Because this girl is all about lighting at night!

Over the Door Shoe Organizer

shopping cart full of dorm room essentials

After buying a few things online, AnnMarie and her girl hit up Target for a little dorm room shopping this week.

Think they got a bunch of items checked off our ultimate college packing list while they were there!

Organizers for small dorm rooms are a must.

An over the door shoe organizer is great for more than just shoes!

Store hair and makeup products, food or snacks, bathroom toiletries, or anything small that you need access to easily.

6 Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer

college girl looking at closet organizers hanging in store for dorm room

Emma also found some budget friendly hanging organizers for inside her college dorm room closet for only $10 each.

The wider six shelf hanging organizer is perfect for bulky sweatshirts since the dresser that she will have in her bedroom is only a two drawer chest.

10 Shelf Hanging Shoe Storage Organizer

three different hanging closet organizers on table

This skinny ten shelf organizer is great for shoes but also can be used for smaller clothing items.

Emma’s brother actually used one in his dorm for sweatpants.

He just rolled them up and put one pair on each shelf.

These three hanging organizers will be so useful in a small college dorm room.

Sherpa Body Pillow

student holding body pillow while shopping for college bedding

Emma found this soft & cozy white Sherpa body pillow for her bed that she had to have!

Dorm rooms are really small and the bed is usually pushed up against one of the walls, so a long pillow is perfect to lay against that hard wall.

And since students have to use their bed not only for sleeping but also as a couch and study space, the pillow makes it more comfortable.

LED Desk Light

white light with flexible neck and cone shape top and organizers on base

A small task lamp is great for student desks.

And this one has a flexible neck to direct light wherever it’s needed.

The light also has a USB port with phone stand and place to store pens, sticky notes or other small school supplies.

Non Slip Velvet Hangers

college student choosing box of slim hangers for dorm room

Non-slip velvet hangers are an excellent choice since they maximize closet space.

Emma wanted to buy the box of 100 but AnnMarie thought 30 would be enough.

She’s going to encourage her daughter not to bring every piece of clothing with her.

Think that will work?

Laundry Basket Hamper

back of small suv filled with shopping bags and plastic laundry hamper

A tall narrow plastic basket will serve a dual purpose as a hamper for dirty clothes and laundry basket to carry them down to the shared laundry room in the building.

They got everything loaded into the car and from the look of it…that was a successful shopping trip!

If you’re getting ready to move into a dorm or helping someone prepare, you have to go here and grab our ultimate college packing list. And don’t forget to get these move-in day essentials.

And you may also want to check out our tips to make college move in easier.

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