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How to Create a Simple Summer Table Centerpiece

Looking for a little decor inspiration for the middle of your dining table? Check out this simple summer table centerpiece idea.

It’s feeling like summer around here! Yay!

Summer is my favorite time of year.

What’s your favorite season?

For me it’s gotta be the sunshine…the warm weather…and of course the flowers!

Ahhh, the flowers!!!

I’m no gardener but I do love to plant annuals in containers for my patio and porch.

For Mother’s Day, I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my kids which they bought at the grocery store.

You can get some amazing flowers right at the supermarket. And I have no idea why…but don’t grocery store flowers last so long?

I mean like at least 2 weeks sometimes even longer!

Since I was looking for an easy summer table centerpiece for my dining room that didn’t break the bank I thought re-using some of the floral stems in the bouquet would be a perfect idea.

How to Style a Dining Room Table for Summer

empty dining table in middle of room with chandelier above and china hutch against wall behind table

I’ve had this furniture in our dining room for about 25 years and it was looking a bit dated in all its late 90’s orange stained pine glory.

So gave it an update several years ago with some white paint and reupholstered the chairs with DIY drop cloths covers.

But the table is a bit boring on it’s own and needs a centerpiece.

We don’t use our dining room for entertaining often but it’s one of the first rooms you see when you come into our house.

I like to change out the middle of the table decor each season or holiday.

But I also like to keep the table decorations simple so that they can be easily moved out of the way because I use the table for work sometimes.

The first step to create a simple summer table centerpiece is to clear everything off the table.

Sound easy right?

Well, let’s just say I had let a bunch of stuff pile up on the table so it took me some time to find a new home for everything.

But you’re not here to listen to me ramble on about organizing my junk…that’s for another post! Haha!

What to Use to Create the Perfect Summer Table Centerpiece

mason jars, candles, flowers and lemons on dining room table before assembling table centerpiece for summer

I gathered all the items I wanted to use to style my dining room table centerpiece on the table.

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Mason jars are inexpensive and easy to find either in stores or online. I use them for all sorts of things around my home.

Larger mason jars store Q-tips and cotton balls in my bathroom.

Small mason jars hold sweetener packets in our kitchen.

And they’re also perfect for storing cut fruits and veggies or making overnight oatmeal.

Since I already had a variety of sizes here I grabbed a bunch from storage to use on my dining room table.

mason jars, candles, flowers and lemons on table

I pulled four of these big fluffy white flowers from my Mother’s Day bouquet.

You can use any style flower or even faux floral stems if you don’t have any real flowers.

mason jars filled with water and flower stems in one of the jars for simple summer tablescape

I removed the leaves from the stems of the flowers and filled the four 32 ounce mason jars about 3/4 of the way up with water.

close up of votive candle jars with mason jars behind on table

I always have a pack of these budget friendly glass votives on hand because they can be used in so many ways.

And using small mason jars in different shapes and sizes is a perfect option for candle holders.

Creating a Movable Table Centerpiece

lemon, flower and candles on long tray in dining room on table for summer centerpiece display

This long wood tray was probably most inexpensive and most used decor piece in our dining room.

I use it all the time for my tablescapes no matter what the season.

styled long slim wood tray with handles in middle of dining room table with 4 mason jar vases with one stem in each and other mason jars with candles and lemons in between flowers

Setting the four large mason jars with a single flower in each on the long tray creates an impactful but simple look.

The large flowers look so pretty on there own there was no need to fill the jars with more flowers.

small mason jar with votive candle on wood tray in middle of dining table display for summer

Using smaller mason jars to hold the small glass votive candles gives them more substance.

Plus it creates a cohesive vibe with the candles and flowers both in mason jars.

small mason jar with votive candle next to lemon on table

Since everything was so neutral with the candles and flowers I added fresh lemons for a pop of color.

Nothing says summer more than lemons am I right.

Just a few scattered between the candle and flower jars does the trick.

And just like the flowers you can always use faux lemons to keep your table centerpiece looking great all summer long!

woman standing next to dining table styled with tray filled with mason jars, lemons, candles, and flowers on tray for summer centerpiece

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My simple summer table centerpiece is easy to move out of the way when I need to work at the table but it’s also a beautiful part of a gorgeous tablescape for a dinner party.

wood tray in middle of dining room table with lemons mason jars flowers and candles

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