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18 Simple Ways to Make Store-Bought Wreaths Look Amazing

Want to make your inexpensive store-bought wreaths look amazing when you decorate for Christmas? Try these simple tricks to create a look that perfectly matches your style!

A few years ago we both went a little nuts buying small plain wreaths we found in the Target Dollar Spot.


I told you it was a while ago: Target still had a Dollar Spot instead of a Bullseye Playground!

These 10-inch wreaths were the perfect holiday accent for alllll over our homes.

Do you remember when wreaths were just something you hung on a door?

Of course, doors are still the perfect spot to put a wreath, but why stop there?!

Wreaths are kind of like Frank’s Red Hot Sauce: You can put them on everything!

Target stopped carrying those inexpensive small wreaths, but we’ve found some more that we love at Amazon, Hobby Lobby, and Walmart.

Woman holding a large yarn hoop Christmas wreath with a plaid bow in an open doorway

While these inexpensive store-bought wreaths are a great way to decorate for the holidays, they can sometimes look a little plain.

We’re showing you lots of ways you can easily transform your simple store-bought wreath into a stunning and unique piece of décor.

Plus, we’ve got so many ideas for different places to hang those wreaths.

While we’re sharing Christmas wreaths today, you could use these ideas to display seasonal wreaths all year long.

Need help making the perfect fluffy bow to decorate your wreath? Be sure to check out AnnMarie’s easy method that’s been blowing up on Pinterest!

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Use Wreaths on a Chandelier Instead of Garland

Iron chandelier with mini wreaths hanging from each candelabra.

We love the way chandeliers look at Christmas with some garland draped on them, don’t you?

But why not swap that garland with some small wreaths?

Simply attach a wreath to each arm of a candelabra. You can add a small velvet bow if you want.

Or you can use small candle rings (aka tiny wreaths) on each candlestick.

Wreaths Make Great Bases for a Centerpiece

Faux boxwood wreath used as a base for a centerpiece with candles and Christmas ornaments.

Wreaths can also be used when you create a centerpiece.

Simply place a wreath on your table or island, then top it with a tray, a bowl, or a pedestal.

Add some candles, ornaments, pinecones, artichokes, and/or decorative orbs and you have a beautiful centerpiece.

Who Says Plate Racks Are Just For Plates?

Iron plate rack with mini wreaths in the plate holders and green and white transferware plates in front of them.

Plate racks offer another spot for you to display small wreaths.

Anne layered two identical wreaths in place of a plate to make it thick enough to support these green and white ironstone saucers.

She used a dot of hot glue to attach a small jute bow.

Combine a Wreath With a Felt Ball Garland

Preserved bay leaf wreath with pinecones hanging on a mirror draped with a felt ball garland on a buffet table.

Wreaths look amazing when you hang them on a mirror!

The curves of the wreath help to soften the lines of a rectangular mirror, but don’t stop there!

AnnMarie added a felt ball garland across the top of the mirror for a special detail.

Her dining room looked so beautiful that it was featured in a magazine.

Mini Wreaths Can Double as Candle Rings

Mini wreath made from grapevines, red berries, faux cedar and mini pinecones used as a candle ring on a pedestal.

Place small wreaths on a pedestal or on a plate, then place a jar candle in the middle.

We like using wreaths that have an airy look to them for more visual impact.

See how this wreath has small pieces that droop down a bit off the edge and others that poke up a bit around the jar?

Layer Wreaths On The Back Of Outdoor Chairs

Layered mini wreaths hanging on the backs of iron outdoor chair with a lattice back.

Sometimes, especially if you’re using mini wreaths, they’re not quite large enough by themselves.

Try attaching a smaller decorated wreath on top of a plain wreath that’s a little larger.

The smaller wreath had a small checked bow already attached to it. We used more ribbon with the same pattern to attach the wreaths to the backs of these outdoor chairs.

You won’t believe how Anne’s pool patio turned out for Christmas entertaining!

Small Cypress Wreaths Look Amazing on Ladderback Chairs

Mini cedar wreaths hanging on the backs of painted white ladderback chairs with thin brown ribbon.

Ladderback chairs are literally begging to have a wreath attached to their backs for the holidays.

Lean in close and you’ll hear them!

Keep the look light and elegant by tying them onto the chair with some narrow ribbon and a square knot instead of a bow.

Layer Wreaths With Other Decor On Hooks

Faux cedar mini wreath hanging on a hook on a wood board with a green vintage lantern over top.

Small wreaths can also work as a layering piece for other seasonal decor.

A wreath works like a frame to highlight something special, like this vintage lantern AnnMarie found.

See more of this front entryway’s decor for even more Christmas decorating inspiration!

Use Wide Plaid Ribbon to Hang Wreaths On Interior Doors

Two red berry wreaths hanging with wide plaid ribbon on large white sliding doors.

Large double doors are a great spot to hang wreaths.

Use some extra wide ribbon in a classic Christmas plaid to hang them in style.

A heavy-duty staple gun lets you easily and securely attach the ribbon to the top of the doors without any visible damage.

Mini Wreaths Can Be Used On Light Fixtures To Add a Holiday Touch

Bronze pendant pool table light decorated for Christmas with mini wreaths on top of each seeded glass globes.

There’s no rule that the wreaths or greenery you use to decorate for the holidays has to be Christmas greenery.

We love using boxwood during the holidays for a fresh look.

These small “wreaths” were actually marked as “napkin rings” at the store, but they work perfectly to add a festive touch to this light fixture.

Hang Small Wreaths On China Cabinet Doors

Lightly flocked mini pine wreath hanging on the glass doors of a china cabinet with frayed chiffon ribbon bows.

Glass cabinet doors are a wonderful place to add a wreath.

Whether the glass doors are on a china cabinet or your kitchen cabinets, use some frayed ribbon to attach the wreath and to make a relaxed bow.

Place a small command hook upside down on the upper part, inside the cabinet door to hold the ribbon.

Make a Statement With Wide Ribbon and Wreaths on Rattan Stools

Rattan counter stools at a white kitchen island with mini Christmas wreaths hanging on the back from wide plaid ribbon.

Some styles of chairs are a little more challenging to hang a wreath.

These rattan stools don’t have a way to loop the ribbon over the top to tie the ribbon so Anne used wide ribbon around the entire back of the stools.

The long tails of the ribbon can be used to make a knot to hold the wreaths.

Three rattan counter stools at a kitchen island decorated for Christmas with mini wreaths tied to the back with wide white ribbon.

Isn’t it amazing what a difference it makes when you change the style of ribbon?

Same stools. Same wreaths. Different ribbon. And the stools are completely transformed!

If you like using ribbon when you decorate for Christmas, be sure to check out these 9 different ways to use it in your home!

Use Small Wreaths As Connectors Between Two Swags of Garland

Greenery garland hanging above a large door opening with mini wreaths in the center to connect the garlands.

If you have a large doorway, why not add some garland to make it really shine?

You may need to use two pieces of garland to swag over the full doorway.

A wreath in the center visually joins the two pieces of garland and gives you a little bit longer tails to hang down each side.

Layer Two Different Styles of Wreaths For More Impact

Front door with a greenery Christmas wreath on a hook. A red berry wreath is layered on top of the other wreath.

We showed you how to layer two small greenery wreaths to give them a little more impact on Anne’s outdoor chairs.

The same technique works for different styles of wreaths to help them stand out.

Anne layered a simple greenery wreath with a red berry wreath on her front door and combining the two styles created something really special.

Make a Wreath Look Larger By Hanging It Inside a Tobacco Basket

Christmas wreath made of pine, cedar, and twigs hanging inside a tobacco basket over a manger scene.

AnnMarie gave a wreath in her dining room more impact by hanging it on a mirror.

She visually enlarged this wreath by hanging it inside a tobacco basket.

She spruced up the wreath by adding a bow and a little sign.

Also, if you look closely, do you see the other small wreaths in this picture? AnnMarie slipped them inside the candle lanterns to help the white candles stand out.

Hang a Small Wreath On a Candle Lantern

Mini pine wreath tied to a wood farmhouse lantern with jute twine.

Speaking of candles and lanterns…

We love how this wreath looks hanging on the outside of this wood lantern instead of placing a wreath inside.

A little jute twine is all it took to attach it with a rustic touch.

Dress Up a Plain Wreath With Floral Picks

Mini wreath hanging on a wood peg board with red berry pick added on one side.

Add a little pop of color to a wreath with a floral pick.

You can add picks all the way around the wreath, or you can just place them on one side for an asymmetrical look.

Double Windows? Double The Wreaths!

Double window over a kitchen sink with a Christmas wreath with frayed velvet ribbon bow on each window.

Sure, you could hang just one wreath on the center of the window and it would look beautiful.

But if you hang two?

It just gives this space more impact.

There’s no need to add anything else besides a candle for a little holiday glow.

We hope you’ve gotten some new ideas for ways to use wreaths in your home this year!

If you’d like to learn to make a new wreath, be sure to check out these 9 simple DIY Christmas wreaths.

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