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Week November 6-12: This week was all about Christmas on the blog as we shared lots of holiday ideas and inspiration to get you started with decorating and planning.

Here we are less than two weeks from Thanksgiving.

Can you believe it?

We know Thanksgiving in the U.S. is a little early this year but it still feels like it just snuck up on us.

What do you think?

Are you feeling the pressure to get all the things done for the holidays or are you ready for it and cool as a cucumber?

As bloggers, it’s our job to have everything planned ahead of time but sometimes that just doesn’t happen because…well, life.

We thought our homes would be decorated for Christmas from top to bottom by now but if we’re being completely honest with you we don’t have it all together just yet.

Between the start of fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas all happening in the span of just a couple of months it can be difficult.

Sometimes by the time we’re completely decorated for Christmas it’s a little too late to be writing blog posts for you as inspiration and ideas for your own homes.

So we started writing a few articles with crafts and decorating ideas in the current year but the rest of our blog content comes from the previous year.

This allows us a little breathing room to decorate for the holidays and photograph our spaces then share that with you the following year.

It’s kind of like when photographs in magazines are shot months or even a year in advance of publication.

The magazine features we’ve had of our homes were always the previous year’s photos.

Why are we letting you in on this little blogging trick of ours (and probably many other content creators)?

Well…we don’t want you to feel like you’re late to the game…or we’re that totally bonkers because our homes are all decorated for Christmas by October.

Because you are not late…you do you…decorate when you want and when it feels right for you.

And although we may be a little wacky (lol) our houses aren’t all decked out for the holidays…yet.

But we are working on getting our homes all dressed up for Christmas just like many of you based on the lines we saw at Hobby Lobby and Michaels this weekend.

This Week on Simply2Moms

week in review graphic with image of bloggers

It was a super busy week on the blog!

We published 9 new articles!

Wow…see we told you it was a busy week.

We began sharing a couple of Christmas posts with you last week in preparation for the big “Week of Christmas Inspiration” event we were part of this week.

Have you been following along with our Christmas inspo series?

We joined several of our blogging buddies and shared a Christmas round-up article each day this week.

There was a different theme every day so you got not only our ideas for a particular theme but inspiration from six other bloggers too.

You don’t want to miss out on any of these blog posts because they’re all chock full of amazing tips, tricks, and ideas.

Plus you get to meet some of our friends and see their beautiful holiday homes.

A Week of Christmas Inspiration

Click on any of the following titles to read more.

As if cranking out and writing those 7 blog posts wasn’t enough this week…we have a few more for you.

Primary bedroom with Peale Green accent wall decorated for Christmas with a pencil tree, plaid throw pillows, and red knit throw blanket.

Do you decorate your bedroom for the holidays?

If you don’t already Anne may just change your mind!

She shares easy ways to make your bedroom look festive for Christmas.

Three rattan counter stools at a kitchen island decorated for Christmas with mini wreaths tied to the back with wide white ribbon.

Christmas wreaths can be fairly expensive but you can totally decorate your home with budget-friendly plain wreaths and still have a Pinterest-worthy holiday aesthetic.

We have 18 ways to make store-bought wreaths look amazing!

Red and green Christmas plaid ribbon made into a fluffy bow with 10 loops.

One of our most popular blog posts is How to Make the Easiest Fluffy Bows and AnnMarie spent some time updating this article.

She added even more tips & tricks to make DIY wired ribbon bows based on your FAQs.

Plus creative ways to spruce up your greenery and decorate your home with handmade bows.

More Ideas and Inspiration From Our Friends

With so many of our friends sharing ideas for the holidays we’ve found some incredible things to share with you this week.

The first idea is a similar Christmas craft to one that we’ve done but I love the material choices used.

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving then you need these creative serving ideas.

These cozy holiday bedding ideas.

This beautiful DIY project is a high-end dupe.

A yummy Christmas mocktail recipe with a Southern staple. (IYKYK)

Wish we had seen this sentimental idea when our children were babies.

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact us or leave a comment below.

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