Meal Planning

THM S or keto family friendly dinner plate with shredded pork, broccoli slaw, sliced raw cucumbers, and sliced raw bell peppers

The Best Healthy Family Summer Meal Ideas | THM

Make dinner time easy for your Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle with this round up of 13 healthy family summer meal ideas. Raise your hand if you love meals you can get on the table quickly. Now, raise your other hand if you want those meals to be healthy. And raise your other hand, okay, foot, […] Read more…

photo of meal planner printable on a clipboard with a coffee cup and open cookbook.

How to Meal Plan: Three Ways

Creating a weekly meal plan will save you so much time! Learn some great tips to develop a meal plan for your family to save time and money each week. Is meal planning something new for you? Then you’re going to love these ideas! If you’ve been meal planning for years, you are going to […] Read more…

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3 Simple Meal Prep Ideas

Weeknight dinners for my family of five were often a challenge. How do you have a healthy dinner while also driving the mom taxi for sports and school activities? Add in a busy work schedule and it’s easy to see how drive through dinners look easier! But not only is fast food not a healthy […] Read more…

bowl of chili made with pulled pork garnished with chopped onion, roasted corn, avocado, jalapenos, diced tomato, cheese, and Greek yogurt

Favorite Keto Meal Ideas You’ll Love| THM S

Looking for fast and healthy low carb meals? Here’s a full day of my favorite keto meal ideas. You’ll love these simple and delicious THM S meals! What do I eat if I want to try following Trim Healthy Mama (THM)? This is the number one question my friends ask me when I’ve told them […] Read more…

overhead shot of plate with an omelet covered in hollandaise sauce with steamed broccoli on one side and bacon on the other

How to Order a Keto Breakfast on Vacation | THM S

Ordering a keto breakfast on vacation just got easy! You’ll love these low carb ideas showing you exactly what to order at a restaurant. Raise your hand if you like eating out at a restaurant! Me too! But knowing what to order when you follow a Trim Healthy Mama (THM) lifestyle can sometimes feel intimidating. […] Read more…

burger topped with pimento cheese on a plate with grilled broccoli and cauliflower, sliced avocado, and tomatoes with fresh mozzarella cheese

Delicious Keto Meals You’ll Love| THM S Meal Ideas

Looking for simple ideas for some delicious keto meals? Here’s inspiration for a full day of Summer meals. You’ll love these easy ideas for adding more veggies to your day! What do I eat if I want to try Trim Healthy Mama (THM)? This is the number one question my friends ask me when I’ve […] Read more…

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