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Check Out These Amazing Tailgating Recipe Ideas

Are you ready for some football? You’ll love these delicious tailgating recipe ideas that are perfect to bring to your next tailgate, concert, or football watch party!

Do you love watching football?

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it’s one of my favorite parts of fall!

That hasn’t always been the case, but my husband’s love of the game is contagious.

Especially college football.

I think college football games are so much more exciting!

My family loves hanging out and watching Virginia Tech football games at home.

But the real fun is going to see the games in person.

Not only is the atmosphere and school spirit amazing, but hello?!


Some of my favorite memories have been made while tailgating before a football game.

There were the games when we brought a portable firepit to keep warm and roast marshmallows.

And the time when it was so cold outside that my girls and I hung out in the heated bathrooms.

Fortunately this All Meat Chili helped warm us up.

We’ve had lots of breakfast tailgates featuring these delicious biscuits.

And this Jalapeno Pimento Cheese and this Apple Brickle Dip are always crowd pleasers!

The year we got a portable grill and stepped up our game day fare.

Any way we do it, it’s so much fun.

This year we have season tickets for Virginia Tech and let me tell you, I am all. in.

I’m already planning what to bring for our first tailgate on September 3rd!

What to Serve at a Football Party or Tailgate

We put together a fun roundup of over 40 low carb foods that are perfect for a football party before I hosted a watch party for “the big game” in 2019.

But today I’ve got something special for you.

If you’ve been around Simply2Moms for a little while, then you know that this year we started planning monthly themed parties with some of our blogging friends.

You can check out all our themes at the bottom of this post for tons of inspiration for decorating and food.

This month we’re co-hosting a virtual tailgate, and I’m loving all these recipes!

Seriously, you’re gonna want to try them all.

Whether you’re watching football from the comfort of home, or taking it on the road, these recipes are a great way to enjoy the game.

Be sure to check out all our fun ideas to create a festive football watching atmosphere.

If you’re visiting from our friend Stacy’s home in New Jersey, or you’re new to our blog, welcome!

We’re so glad you’re here.

As you can see, AnnMarie’s family roots for the Pittsburgh Steelers!

AnnMarie and I live across the street from each other and love sharing simple ideas for home decoratingeasy DIY projectsentertaininghealthy eating, and some tips for raising teens and beyond.

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Our Favorite Tailgate Recipes

So let’s take a look at the yummy recipe ideas our friends are sharing for your next football party or tailgate.

This month we have some great finger foods that are easy to whip up and should travel well.

We’re going to start things off with this delicious drink.

Cocktail: Apple Cider Mojitos

Two jelly jar glasses filled with apple cider mojitos garnished with slices of apple and cinnamon sticks on a wood board

The Ultimate Apple Cider Mojitos For Game Day

I love the idea of bringing a jug of this fall-inspired cocktail to a tailgate!

A container like this one travels well but will still look cute on your spread.

After all, mojitos are one of my favorites.

This time of year, tailgating can be pretty hot, so a refreshing blend of apples, lime, and mint would be delicious.

Appetizer: Fresh Bruschetta

Hand holding a serving of fresh tomato bruschetta

The Best Bruschetta Tomatoes Recipe

Is your garden producing a ton of tomatoes?

Then you’re going to love our friend Stacy’s bruschetta recipe!

If you’re tailgating on the road, pack the tomato topping in a sealed container in the cooler.

I like using large zipper top bags for transporting the sliced bread. Just toast it beforehand and let it cool completely before placing it in a container to keep the crunch.

Don’t forget a spoon to assemble the bruschetta once you’re there, or you can even serve it as a dip!

Finger Foods: Barbecue Cheddar Biscuits

Platter of keto farmhouse barbecue cheddar biscuits

The Best BBQ Cheddar Biscuits

These Barbecue Cheddar biscuits are one of my favorites for a football party!

Not only do they taste amazing, they transport really well.

You can put them in an insulated bag like this one to keep them warm, or check out my new favorite bag that actually will heat them up on your drive!

I’ve even served them at room temperature and they’re still delicious.

More Finger Foods: Pulled Pork Eggrolls

Wood box with a woven napkin holding two pulled pork eggrolls wrapped in paper napkins next to a ramekin of soy sauce

Pulled Pork Egg Rolls Air Fryer Recipe

I can not wait to give this recipe a try!

How can you go wrong with a North Carolina staple like pulled pork?

Then pop it in the air fryer to make an egg roll?

Oh heck yeah!

Side Dish: Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad

Wood salad bowl filled with pasta salad next to stacked small wood salad bowls on a table with college pennant and football helmet and forks.

Simple Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad

This month we invited our friend Kristin from White Arrows Home to join us as a guest host.

If you haven’t met her yet, you are in for a treat!

Be sure to click over and check out her amazing cabin on a lake because her views are like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Kristin created a delicious Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad which is a fantastic idea for a tailgate.

Not only will it travel well, there’s nothing like Buffalo Chicken anything when it comes to watching football, am I right?!

If you follow a low carb or keto lifestyle, simply use Dreamfields pasta to make this yummy recipe.

An insulated bowl like this one is perfect to transport salads and also keep them cool during the hotter tailgating months.

Dessert: Football Party Dessert Bar

Platter of cupcakes decorated with green frosting and the number 50 and small footballs

How to Make An Easy Football Party Dessert Bar

When it comes to watching football, you never want to forget dessert.

And Michele has so many fun ideas for creating an entire dessert bar spread!

This amazing carrier is exactly what you need to transport this many treats to a tailgate.

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More Entertaining Inspiration

Be sure to check out all our entertaining menus. Just click on any of the links below for more tasty recipes.

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