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Here are 9 Flavorful and Simple Asian Dinner Party Recipes

Discover the secret to hosting an unforgettable Asian dinner party with our collection of easy and delicious recipes. Get ready to impress your guests!

Does throwing a dinner party feel overwhelming?

Inviting friends, planning a menu, cleaning the house, setting the table, making the food…

Yeah, it can feel like a lot!

What if I told you it doesn’t have to be?

We’ve done all the planning for you, and this Asian dinner party theme is simple, elegant, and so much fun!

Plate of almond cookies garnished with oranges and lotus blossoms on a table set for a Chinese dinner party.

All you need are a few things to set a memorable table and you can find them all on Amazon.

Next, pick a few tasty recipes.

You can ask your guests to each bring one of the dishes, or we’ve rounded up some easy Asian recipes you can make yourself.

Want to keep it really simple?

Why not pick one or two things to make, and order the rest from your favorite Chinese or Asian fusion restaurant?!

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Welcome to our Virtual Dinner Club!

We joined up with four of our blogging friends to create a virtual “dinner” club back at the beginning of 2021.

Each month we invite a guest host to join in our fun!

Every month we choose a new theme, and even though we call ourselves a dinner club, we’ve shared ideas for breakfasts, brunches, luncheons, and cocktail parties too.

First, we all share ideas to create a tablescape for that theme, and then we each share a recipe for the theme to create an entire menu.

Think of it as a virtual progressive meal.

It’s so much fun!

Be sure to check out all of our virtual dinner club tablescapes and menus!

This month our theme is a Chinese Dinner Party.

Want to celebrate the Lunar New Year (aka Chinese New Year)?

This is a super fun way to do it!

Want to host an easy and delicious dinner party that’s a little different from traditional party themes?

Then give this Asian-inspired dinner party a try.

Collage of Asian dinner party recipe ideas.

Let’s take a look at the recipes we’ve rounded up for you to try.

Here are some easy Asian recipe ideas for the rest of your menu.

Easy Asian Spring Rolls with Peanut Hoisin Dipping Sauce

Plate with three shrimp spring rolls and three dipping sauces from Vintage Home Designs.

One of my favorite appetizers when we go out for Chinese or Vietnamese food is spring rolls.

They’re so fresh!

But I’ve always been intimidated to try making them at home.

Our friend Michele has shown me how simple they actually are to make with her Easy Asian Spring Rolls with Peanut Hoisin Dipping Sauce recipe.

Simple and Refreshing Mandarin Mule Cocktail

Glass of a mandarin mule cocktail garnished with a slice of orange from Midwest Life and style.

When we host dinner parties, we always have beer and wine, but if you want to make your guests feel extra special why not serve a signature cocktail too?

Our friend Jen has captured some classic flavors of Asian cuisine in her Simple and Refreshing Mandarin Mule Cocktail.

There’s nothing quite like ginger and orange together!

This light Asian cocktail can be mixed up in a pitcher to make them super easy to serve.

Restaurant-Quality Egg Fried Rice Wok Recipe with Shrimp

Bowl of shrimp fried rice from Stacy Ling.

Who doesn’t like fried rice?!

It’s one of my family’s favorites, and our friend Stacy made hers extra special by adding shrimp.

She also revealed a secret for getting perfect fried rice in her Restaurant-Quality Egg Fried Rice Wok Recipe!

My mind was seriously blown by her simple trick.

Vietnamese Noodle Bowls

close cropped photo of keto Vietnamese noodle bowl with chopsticks

My husband and I discovered Vietnamese food when we lived in northern Virginia.

We couldn’t find a Vietnamese restaurant near where we lived after we moved to North Carolina, so I started experimenting how to make our favorite dish.

These Vietnamese Noodle Bowls feature fresh flavors like marinated chicken, mint, basil, and peanuts with a lightly sweet dressing.

They’re great for entertaining because each guest can customize their bowl with their favorite ingredients.

Szechuan Zucchini Stirfry

Half of a plate filled with ground beef and zucchini stirfry

Want a recipe that’s inexpensive to make and can be on the table in under 30 minutes?

Look no further than this Szechuan Zucchini Stirfry!

You can easily customize it with different vegetables.

The slightly sweet sauce has a little heat and your guests can sprinkle some crushed red pepper on for extra spice.

Mongolian Beef Eggroll in a Bowl

overhead image of a bowl filled with keto Mongolian Beef Egg Roll in a Bowl

Want the taste of eggrolls without having to assemble and fry them?

Whip up a batch of this Mongolian Beef Eggroll in a Bowl!

This is another recipe that can be on the table in under 30 minutes.

It’s like eating the flavorful insides of an egg roll but with Mongolian Beef sauce!

Crunchy, Tasty Chinese Pickled Cucumbers

Bowl of Asian marinated cucumbers from The Ponds Farmhouse.

When it comes to side dishes, no Chinese dinner party is complete without rice, so be sure to make a batch of sticky rice, or sticky brown rice.

You can keep things healthy by also serving lightly steamed broccoli or a vegetable medley.

Our friend Rachel likes to serve up a batch of these Chinese Pickled Cucumbers.

They’re simple to whip up and add a little zing and heat to your plate.

You could even serve them as an appetizer!

Vietnamese Cucumber Salad

overhead view of half a glass bowl filled with Vietnamese cucumber salad garnished with chopped peanuts and fresh mint

This Vietnamese Cucumber Salad uses the dressing from the Vietnamese noodle bowl recipe.

Sliced cucumbers blend with thinly sliced red onion, peanuts, mint, diced jalapeno, and lime juice for a refreshing side dish.

Super Easy Asian Dessert Ideas

Fortune Cookies

We love serving fortune cookies if we’re hosting an Asian dinner party.

After all, who doesn’t love opening up a fortune cookie?

Have everyone read their fortunes out loud, and add a phrase like “in bed,” “underwater,” “in your dreams,” “on a plane,” or “because I’m Batman” at the end of the fortune!

You can even play games with the lucky numbers on the fortunes.

Easy Chinese Almond Cookies with Orange Zest

Plate of almond cookies garnished with oranges as dessert for a Lunar New Year dinner party.

Another delicious and easy dessert idea is these Chinese Almond Cookies.

Almond cookies are considered good luck and are always served at Lunar New Year celebrations.

This chewy version of the recipe is naturally gluten-free and has a light orange flavor thanks to orange zest.

Another super easy dessert idea after a Chinese dinner is a scoop of orange sherbet!

More Amazing Menu Ideas for Entertaining

Over the years, we’ve hosted all kinds of parties.

If you’re looking for more inspiration for what to serve at your event, here are all our menus, including links to the recipes.

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment.

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