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Simple Ways to Create a Welcoming Spring Front Entryway

Welcome your friends and family into your home with our simple ideas to create a beautiful spring front entryway.

Have you had the chance to visit Waco, Texas?

Anne & I were speaking at a retreat so we took the opportunity to extend our business trip and stay in Waco with our husbands for a weekend.

We had so much fun exploring Waco and, of course, shopping in and around the Magnolia Silos.

One of my favorite stores was The Findery!

Boy did I wish we had a truck to haul home all the things I would have loved to buy?

But I had to refrain and stick with smaller items that could fit in my suitcase for the flight back home.

That’s okay though because I found something amazing that’s just my style!

I couldn’t wait to get home and pull out the bins of greenery to finish decorating for spring around here.

Just wait until you see what I bought for my front entryway in Waco!

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How to Welcome Your Guests at the Front Door

front porch with dog sitting on rug in front of door

Before we go inside say hello to my sweet girl Marley!

The front porch is one of her favorite spots to lie in the afternoon sun.

She loves to greet our friends & family at the door.

Spring in the south is a lot different than in the north.

I’d never experienced so much pollen dust in my life until we moved to North Carolina.

Because of the amount of pollen out here, I don’t really style the front porch too much until we are out of pollen season.

We added a bench to our small front porch a couple of years ago where we love to sit and watch the neighbor’s dogs play in the yard.

hanging basket filled with faux grasses on outside of front door

I love to add a seasonal wreath or my hanging door basket on the front door to welcome our guests.

It’s fun to switch up the greenery in the basket each season.

The simple faux grass with berries is just the fresh look my front door needed for spring.

You can see the gorgeous faux fall stems I added to the basket here and the beautiful winter greens here and here.

How to Style a Foyer for Spring

inside of front door with wreath hanging on door

Not only do I decorate the outside of my front door but I add a wreath to the inside too.

And it’s easy to switch the basket and wreath on the door if we’re going to have really bad weather so my basket doesn’t get damaged outside in a storm.

You may notice I use a lot of greenery in my home because I just love how it brings in a natural vibe.

Last week I shared over 19 ideas to add faux greenery to your home this spring.

So if you’re looking for some inspiration go take a look!

And if you’d like to see the rest of my house all spring and summer ready just click here to take a tour.

In the corner behind the front door sits my absolute favorite faux tree.

I never knew what to do with this small space so when I gave my entryway a makeover last year, I finally put something pretty in this area.

This tall olive tree fills the empty corner perfectly.

And tucked inside a vintage stone crock it looks amazing…don’t you think?!

close up of olive tree in front of round mirror hanging on wall

A wall mirror reflects the sunlight from the sidelights around the door and brightens our entryway.

I found this mirror at Home Goods and it was just the right size for the small wall.

The beaded detail to hang the mirror and simple gold frame are so beautiful.

If you’re looking for a mirror like this one I found an almost identical one at Walmart.

dog laying on round run in front of door

While Marley welcomes you from the front porch Sloane snoozes on the cozy entryway rug.

She follows me around all day when her dad (my son Jake) is at work and usually gets in the way (like puppies do) as I’m working to get a space styled.

When I went to grab my camera to photograph the foyer I came back to find this.

She looked so sweet I had to snap a picture.

Apparently, she got tired and needed a nap! LOL

entryway decorated in a farmhouse style with row of hooks hung over bench

On the other side of the entryway, the wall is a little longer so I was able to create a cozy spot.

I used to have a traditional table with a mirror above on this wall but I transformed the foyer to a modern farmhouse style.

The round jute rug is a Hearth and Hand from Magnolia.

But it didn’t come all the way from Waco, I bought it right at my local Target.

The black wood bench was part of a collaboration with Wayfair.

And the row of hooks was made by yours truly with an old piece of barn wood I bought at a local antique store.

It was such an easy DIY project and adds so much character to our foyer.

basket with two handles on floor next to bench in foyer

Since our dogs go out through the front entryway, a large basket on the floor next to the door hides shoes, a towel for wiping wet paws and treats.

And if you look closely you can see the spots in the basket that Sloane chewed.

That puppy loves to chew my baskets!

black wood entryway bench with two pillows

The bench provides a place to sit and put on your shoes.

The throw pillows soften the hard lines of the wood bench and add a bit more texture and style.

What to Hang on a Decorative Coat Rack

reclaimed wood row of hooks with spring decor hanging from hooks above bench

I’m always looking for ways to decorate my DIY coat rack because let’s be honest it’s really there to look pretty and not actually used for storing coats.

We have a closet that I can use for jackets so this space is all about looking beautiful.

Sometimes I struggle with styling the row of hooks since I don’t have a lot of décor items that are made for hanging.

hanging basket with leather strap handle filled with faux floral stems

But remember I told you I found something amazing at the Findery in Waco?

While I was browsing around, I spotted this gorgeous hanging basket and knew it would be absolutely perfect hanging from the entryway coat rack.

And since I love my other hanging basket so much I was super thrilled to find another one.

This basket is a bit narrower and even has a lid…it’s so darn cute!

I added a few pretty floral greenery stems I found at Magnolia market and hung it up in the middle of the row of hooks.

wood row of hooks with blanket hanging from end

After hanging my new basket I looked around my house for other things I could hang in my entryway.

I often hang a blanket here so it’s easy to grab for chilly nights sitting on the porch.

Since it’s getting warmer I hung a lighter-weight throw blanket that adds lots of texture to the area.

And you’ve gotta love a blanket with fringe!

straw hat hanging on hook in foyer

A straw hat looks simple hanging next to the larger blanket and is awesome not only during the spring but right through the summer months too.

S2M Tip: When styling a row of hooks you want be aware of the visual weight of each décor piece you’re using and space them out along the coat rack.

faux greenery wreath hanging on distressed wood hook

A wreath is another staple décor item I use when decorating a row of hooks.

The neutral faux wreath adds more elements from nature next to the floral stems in the basket.

Natural pieces are perfect for home décor during the spring and summer seasons.

Actually, bring in those natural elements all year long!

distressed tobacco basket hanging from DIY row of hooks

I’ve seen wood cutting boards hung from hooks and love it.

But in a foyer, I didn’t think that would look quite right.

I found this gray-washed tobacco basket stashed away in a closet and thought I’d try hanging it instead of a cutting board.

It looked pretty and added something different to the mix of pieces displayed.

A garland of distressed grey beads hung over the tobacco basket was the finishing touch.

front entryway beyond staircase light hanging from ceiling

I’m really happy with how my front entryway came together for spring.

And I think everything I used to style our foyer stay here right through the summer months until I’m ready to break out the fall décor!

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